[Fishman] Beams Xpan 7.10LHTS

[Fishman] Beams Xpan 7.10LHTS

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Beams Xpan 7.10LHTS

Closed size 58cm, about 8 ft.
Swing rod that can be used in various scenes

Langan and new development, which are one of the factors to extend the fishing result by lure fishing.

To the next point, to a new point, to a far away ...
If you repeat such movements, it is the storage of the rod that bothers the angler.
For example, rowing yabs, walking on rocky shores, and packing for domestic and overseas expeditions.

The telescopic rod named "Extension", BEAMS EXPAN 4.3LTS, was very active in mountain streams and headwater fields, but the mobile performance remains the same, and a new 7ft 10in long product is now available.
When you arrive at the fishing spot, you can cast it immediately by stretching the shrunk blanks.
The target is power and length that goes beyond light games and can reach big fish.
A light shore game for rowing yabs, crossing mountains, rocky shores and ferryboats.
Langan by bicycle on the riverbed, and finally an expedition by plane.
With a wide range of performance that can be used from light plugs that weigh less than 10g to metal lures that are just over 1oz, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, from horse mackerel to large sea bass, cherry salmon, and even overseas salmon.

The new expander goes beyond the field and extends to the maximum size of the target fish.
BEAMS EXPAN 7.10LHTS, which you always want to carry with you, may find your new world.

"Telescopic" that is convenient to carry

A swing rod with a closed size of 58cm.


Since the base of the top guide when stored fits within the frame of the second guide, accidents such as top breakage are effectively prevented.

Drain hole

A drain hole in the center of the end plate. Prevents moisture from accumulating inside after use.

Detachable end

Since the end plate is a screw type, it can be turned and removed.

With hard tip cover

Tighten the belt of the tip cover to fix it and prevent the tip from breaking.