[Fishman] Beams blancsierra 4.8UL

[Fishman] Beams blancsierra 4.8UL

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Beams blancsierra 4.8UL

4.8ft with improved cast accuracy and operability

Fishman Bait rod for mountain stream, 4.8ft lineup in Blanc Sierra series.
The concept is to have a flight distance of 5.2UL and operability of 3.9UL.
For beginners of mountain stream bait, the bend of 5.2UL picked up the mistake of the release point and helped to reduce the backlash.
The effect was that the take-back was effective, and I was able to face the pin spot that I wanted to shoot carefully.
This 4.8UL also implements a strong "tension" while keeping its supple bending DNA.
This not only makes actions such as shake and twitch easy, but also makes it possible to earn a flight distance that can not be thought of as a 4ft level.
The 4.8UL, which adds "tension" to the sharply bending Blanc Sierra series, is a long-awaited model of the mountain stream Bateman, which makes it easier to shoot with the lure's initial velocity increase and low bullet liner.

Grip part

Uses Fishman's original reel seat that was also used for 3.9UL LIMITED.
Since it is now possible to grasp the position closer to the center of gravity, the cast accuracy and operability have been greatly improved.


The blanks, which give a crisp impression when swinging, have an internal structural design that bends sharply when casting or biting, so they are also good at increasing the flight distance and entwining fish.


Full length 146cm(4.8ft)
Material 4-axis carbon + glass material
Guide K guide titanium + stainless steel
Own weight 97g
Number of joints 3 pieces
Closed dimensions 51.5cm
Grip length 28cm
Lure weight 2-7g
Line 3-6lb/PE0.5-1