[Avail] ABU Star Drag Short SD-AB-S5 for Morrum, Ambassadeur series

[Avail] ABU Star Drag Short SD-AB-S5 for Morrum, Ambassadeur series

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SD-AB-S5R (Right)


A short version of the Star Drag for ABU ambassadeur.
It reproduces a retro silhouette like the Old ambassadeur 5000, or suits a compact tackle like a bait rod for mountain streams.
Since it is a cut aluminum product, it can be replaced with genuine parts to reduce weight.

Reel:ambassadeur 2500CS Rocket

About Adjustment with Opptional Washer

Even if the model is originally compatible, the drag may not work properly due to loss or deformation of the genuine washer, or problems such as contact with other parts may occur.
In that case, please adjust with the drag adjustment washer (golden washer) described in the related product.

⇒P-WA 8mm×12mm×0.50mm - Brass (2 Pieces)

Also, for example, in some of ISUZU BC series, this product can be used by adding a washer for 2 mm, but it is surprising to use it with a model that was not supposed at the design stage of this product.
By the way, problems may occur, so please take your own risk.





Basic Specifications

Duralumin (aluminum alloy)


Arm Length
17.0mm from the center of the drag


1500C-6500C (There are also unconfirmed models such as the current ambassadeur S)
Moram SX HiSpeed, Moram SX MAG (SX IVCB, SX UltraMAG, ZX are not compatible)
Avail offset handles can also be attached.