[DAIWA/SLP WORKS] RCSB ESD Crank Handle Set 100mm

[DAIWA/SLP WORKS] RCSB ESD Crank Handle Set 100mm

Our Selling Price: US$165.00



ESD (Extra Super Duralumin) = reinforced handle made of extra super duralumin corresponding to the RCS bait casting series.

With 4 ball bearings (CRBB) installed and EVA power slim knob M installed, it is ideal for power fishing.

It is fully equipped with nuts and tools and can be attached to most Daiwa bait reels.


・Dedicated 12mm locknut (for Right Handle, Left Handle, Bolt type)
・Dedicated Retainer
・Dedicated Screw
・Adjustment Washer

* The lock nut and retainer are 12mm specifications, so they are exclusively for ESD handles.
It cannot be exchanged for external color parts.