[LIVRE] BJ 75-83 PT Handle

[LIVRE] BJ 75-83 PT Handle

Our Selling Price: US$205.25 [Regular Price: US$241.47]

Handle Type:
Color (Handle Plate / Center Nut):

* If you are not sure about Handle Type for your reel, please contact us.

* Please note that it takes about 3 to 4 days for us to get ready to send LIVRE handles since it's back-ordered after receiving your order.



OCEA CALCUTTA [13] 300HG (301HG)

OCEA CONQUEST Limited [19] 300HG (301HG), 300PG (301PG), 400HG
OCEA CONQUEST [16] 300PG (301PG)
OCEA CONQUEST [15] 300HG (301HG)
OCEA CONQUEST CT [18] 300HG (301HG), 300PG (301PG)

OCEA JIGGER [20] 4000, 4000HG
OCEA JIGGER [17] 1000HG(1001), 1500HG(1501), 1500PG (1501), 2000NRHG (2001), 2000NRPG (2001)
OCEA JIGGER [11] 1000HG (1001, 1500HG (1501), 1500PG (1501), 2000NR-HG (2001), 2000NR-PG (2001)
OCEA JIGGER FC [19] 1000HG (1001), 1500HG (1501), 2000NRHG (2001), 3000HG
OCEA JIGGER Limited [14] 1500HG (1501), 3000HG, 3000PG(*)

*Please order Right-handed for left-handed and left-handed for Right-handed.

CALCUTTA CONQUEST [15] 300 (301), 400 (401)
CALCUTTA CONQUEST [18] 300 (301), 400 (401)
CALCUTTA CONQUEST [10] 200typeJ-HG (201), 200typeJ-PG, 300typeJ-HG
CALCUTTA CONQUEST [06] 300typeJ, 300typeJ-M

GRAPPLER [17] 300HG (301HG)

Beast Master [18] 2000
Beast Master [16] 3000XP, 3000XS
Beast Master [14] 6000, 9000
Beast Master [13] 3000
Beast Master EJ [20] 1000EJ, 2000EJ

Force Master [18] 600, 600DH
Force Master [16] 1000, 2000, 800
Force Master [15] 300DH (301DH), 9000
Force Master [15-17] 3000, 3000XP
Force Master [14] 4000, 6000
Force Master [13] 400 (401), 400DH (401)
Force Master [12] 2000MK, 3000MK, 9000
Force Master [11] 1000MK, 800MK

PLAYS [17] 1000, 4000, 800
PLAYS [16] 3000, 400
PLAYS [13] 3000
PLAYS [12] 1000, 800

PLEMIO [12] 3000

電動丸 [09] 400C, PLAYS4000
電動丸 [11] 3000 完全フカセ, イカ SP
電動丸 [10] 3000 Beast Master MUTEKI, 3000 完全フカセSP, 400CPLAYS, 9000 BM ZB
電動丸 [08] 3000XH, PLAYS3000

it's ICV 150R (L), 150WR (L), 200R (L)

CATALINA BJ [16] 100H (L), 100P-RM (L), 100SH (L), 200SH (L)

SEABORG Limited 200J (L), 300J (L), 500J
SEABORG [15] 200J (L)
SEABORG 1000MT, 1200MJ, 150J (L), 150J-DH (L), 200J (L), 200J-DH (L), 200J-SJ (L), 270MM, 300J (L), 300MJ (L), 400MM, 500AT, 500FT, 500J, 800J, 800MJ, Z500MM

SPARTAN MX IC [18] 150H (L), 200H (L)

TATULA HLC [15] 7.3R-TW (L), 8.1R-TW (L)

HYPER TANASENSOR 250F, 300F, 400F, 500F

BLAST BJ TW [18] 150SH (L)

Blue Backer Bay Area 200BB

Millionaire Bay Casting SP 103 (L)
Millionaire Bay Area SP 100 (L)
Millionaire BASALA [15] 100H (L), 100SH (L), 200H (L)
Millionaire SW 103 (L)
Millionaire CV-Z 103 (L), 105 (L)

LEOBRITZ [14] 400
LEOBRITZ 150, 150J(150J-L), 300J, 300MT, 400, 500MT, 750MT, S400, S500

紅牙-KOHGA- [14] 100 (L)
紅牙-KOHGA- ICS [13] 103 (L)

鏡牙-KYOGA- 100SH (L)


OCEA CALCUTTA [11] 200HG (201HG), 200PG (201PG)(*)

OCEA CONQUEST Limited [20] 200HG (201HG), 200PG (201PG)(*)
OCEA CONQUEST [15] 200PG (201PG)(*)
OCEA CONQUEST [14] 200HG (201HG)(*)
OCEA CONQUEST CT [18] 200HG (201HG), 200PG (201PG)(*)

CALCUTTA CONQUEST [15] 100HG (101HG), 200HG (201HG)(*)

GRAPPLER BB [16] 200HG (201HG)(*)
GRAPPLER Premium [18] 150XG (151XG)(*)
GRAPPLER CT [19] 150XG (151XG)(*)
GRAPPLER CT [16] 150HG (151HG)(*)

BARCHETTA Premium[19] 150 (151), 150 DHXG (151DHXG), 150DH (151DH)(*)
BARCHETTA F CUSTOM [20] 150 (151), 150 DHXG (151DHXG), 150DH (151DH)(*)
BARCHETTA CI4+ [14] 200HG (201HG), 300HG (301HG)(*)
BARCHETTA BB [17] 300HGDH (301HGDH), 300PGDH (301PGDH), 600HG, 600PG(*)
BARCHETTA BB [14] 200HG (201HG), 300HG (301HG)(*)

BAY GAME [18] 150 (151), 150DH (151)(*)

炎月-ENGETSU- Premium [18] 150HG (151HG), 150PG (151PG)(*)
炎月-ENGETSU- CT [19] 150HG (151HG), 150PG (151PG)(*)
炎月-ENGETSU- CT [15] 100PG (101PG)(*)
炎月-ENGETSU- BB [10] Right/HG Right/PG Right(*)
炎月-ENGETSU- BB [16] 100HG (101HG), 100PG (101PG)(*)
炎月-ENGETSU-7 [09] Right/Left(*)
炎月-ENGETSU- [16] 炎月-ENGETSU-100HG (101), 炎月-ENGETSU-100PG (101)(*)

*It is for SHIMANO M7.
Please specify or enter the reel name when ordering.
We will replace it with a dedicated center nut and a dedicated octagonal plate before shipping.


CATALINA TW [18] 100P (L)-RM, 100SH (L)(*)
CATALINA IC [18] 100SH (L), 150SH (L)(*)

ZILLION TW [15] 1516 (L), 1516H (L), 1516SH (L), 1516XXH (L)(*)

SALTIGA BJ [17] 100P-RM (L), 100SH (L), 200H (L), 200SH (L)(*)

TATULA HD CUSTOM [15] 150H-TW (L), 150SH-TW (L)(*)

RYOGA BAY JIGGING [14] C1012PE-H (L), C1012PE-SH (L), C2025PE-SH (L)(*)
RYOGA BAY JIGGING C1012PE-HW (L), C2020PE-H (L), C2025PE-SH (L)(*)

*For DAIWA B1 type, please specify or enter the reel name when ordering.
It will be shipped after being replaced with a dedicated center bolt (common to both Left and Right).



SALTIGA [15] 10(*)
SALTIGA [15] 10H, 10HL, 15, 15H, 15H-SJ, 15HL, 15HL-SJ, 35N, 35N(L)-SJ, 35NH, 35NHL-SJ

*For DAIWA B2 type, please specify or enter the reel name when ordering.
It will be shipped after being replaced with a dedicated center bolt (common to both Left and Right).


Model with variable pitch power handle and PT knob
BJ 75-83 PT

PT48/Thin hollow titanium knob, Equipped with PT48
The newly developed thin-walled hollow titanium knob "PT48" is a pentagonal thin-walled hollow titanium knob with an emphasis on finger engagement and overall unevenness.
Even if you hold it lightly, it will not come off easily, and if you hold it with force,
it will fit in your hand and you will feel the comfort that you cannot imagine from the outside.

The handle pitch can be changed in 2 mm increments and 5 steps between 75 and 83 mm.
By rotating the octagonal plate and fixing the handle, it is possible to change the handle pitch in 2 mm increments and 5 steps between 75 and 83 mm.
The trivial usability feature makes the custom handle more than just a dress-up.

A7075 Extra super duralumin 3D cutting
Extra super duralumin is a kind of aluminum alloy, which is called "A7075" in Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and has excellent stress resistance, and is a material used for thick plates and forged products.
It is machined with high precision and H cross section 3D cutting.
While keeping the rigidity high, the highest priority is given, "but the maximum lightening can be done while shaving.

Color(Handle Plate / Center Nut)