DAIWA Line Roller 2 Bearing upgrade Kit [RG] (For 21 CALDIA)

DAIWA Line Roller 2 Bearing upgrade Kit [RG] (For 21 CALDIA)

Our Selling Price: US$14.52 - US$18.59

Prices vary according to options.



The product for sale is a tuning kit.
It is not a reel itself.
The price of the kit differs depending on the type of bearing.
You can check the selling price by selecting the option.

SHG Premium Bearing
SHG Premium Bearing
This is a highly sensitive bearing with tournament specs for the highest rotational performance.
Only bearings that have passed the manual selection process are carefully selected from among the many available bearings.
These bearings are highly acclaimed for use in high-sensitivity tuning reels and high-rotation bait reels where precision is important.
This is a professional tuning bearing that surpasses the HRCB in sensitivity and accuracy.

HRCB Antirust Bearing
HRCB Rustproof Bearing
A special manufacturing process has been used to create a new technology that makes the metal itself extremely resistant to rust.
This bearing is 10 times more rust resistant than the premium SHG bearing.
Of course, the smoothness of rotation is the silky feeling that only HEDGEHOG STUDIO can provide!
It is the best choice for tough fishing where both high level of rotation performance and durability are required.
This is the next generation of rustproof bearings that salt anglers have been waiting for.

How to choose a Bearing

SHG premium bearings are recommended for freshwater fish such as trout and bass, and for light lures that emphasize high sensitivity.
For saltwater fish of all kinds, HRCB rustproof bearings are recommended.
SHG can also be used in saltwater, but if durability is important, HRCB is the best choice.

Please bring your own screwdrivers and pliers.


Line Roller Bearing x 1
Roller washer x 1
Roller collar x 1
Roller Packing x 1
Tuning Instructions

This kit is for adding one line roller bearing to make it a 2BB specification.