[MTCW] Water and Oil repellent spray -lotus-

[MTCW] Water and Oil repellent spray -lotus-

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Water repellent and oil repellent spray lotus
There are two types of water repellent sprays: silicone-based and fluorine-based. lotus is a hybrid type of spray that combines both.
Silicone-based sprays have an excellent water repellent effect, but they do not have an oil repellent effect and will absorb oil.
The fluorine type repels both water and oil, but its water-repelling ability is inferior to the silicon type.
It is also extremely difficult to physically mix these two ingredients together to get the best results.
There are some products that claim to be "hybrid," but the active ingredients are not mixed well, but the active ingredients of both silicon and fluorine are put in a spray can with gas, and the active ingredients and gas are sprayed at the same time.
This means that the original performance of the product cannot be fully demonstrated.
By physically mixing the active ingredients in a unique way, we were able to create a lotus with excellent water and oil repellency.
In addition, it can be sprayed without gas, and because it does not require gas, it contains 2.5 times more active ingredients than other companies' products.

Internal volume
150ml per bottle

Approximate amount used
For 2 to 3 articles of clothing, 3 to 5 pairs of shoes

Leather goods
Outdoor sports equipment
Do not use on clothes that cannot be dry cleaned.

Special fluorine
Special water repellent polymer
Alcohol solvent
Other solvents