【STUDIO Ocean Mark】 Track Split Ring 「M-SPEC」

【STUDIO Ocean Mark】 Track Split Ring 「M-SPEC」

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Track Split Ring "M-SPEC"

SOM aimed

to develop a track split ring that was particular about the shape / material of the "strongest ring" and gained tremendous trust from the field.
In addition, the M-Spec model, which demands "easiness to attach", has been added to the lineup.

Benefits of the track shape When a

load is applied to the round split ring, it may be received at the single line, which is the break in the split ring.
In this state, it may open very easily with a momentary force such as swinging a large fish.
The more the load is applied to the track-shaped split ring, the more the lure and hook eyes settle at the top of the track, and the double wire catches it to maximize the power of the material.

Commitment to the material The

M-Spec is made of "SUS631 material", which has been proven to be strong with an ocean snap, and the wire diameter is adjusted to improve ease of attachment.
It is the best everyday model that you can fight with confidence even for unexpected big game.