[Daiwa / SLP WORKS] 20 TATULA SV TW 105 spool

[Daiwa / SLP WORKS] 20 TATULA SV TW 105 spool

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■ Product Description

32mm ultra super duralumin sharose pool that aims to improve the spool rotation start-up and response by reducing the weight while winding the line.

*Reference: Weight reduction of about 4g with 14lb. line wound Self

weight: 14g

Spool diameter: 32mm

■SLP WORKS Pro Staff Comments

Can be used in almighty with M ~ MH rods.
The H-class rod and thick line allow the use of light weight sinkers. Ideal for back slide of high specific gravity worms.

* The compact body of the 20TA TULA SV TW does not open your fingers too much when the clutch is disengaged, so you can cast with a snap even with an H class rod.
In addition, the synergistic effect with the 105 spool, which is excellent in response, makes it easier to determine the cast at the target point.
In other words, it is finished as a reel that increases the possibility of catching fish.
Warming around 5g sinker, which is frequently used in Okappari, and castability in the near-medium distance of a plug system of about 7 to 10g, show performance one rank higher.

■ Color lineup



■ Standard winding amount

12lb / 40-80m
14lb / 35-70m

■ Compatible model


*TATULA 100 series (Φ34), TATULA SV series (Φ34), 19TATULA TW (Φ34), TATULA CT TYPE-R series (Φ34), TATULA HD custom 150 size (Φ36) are not supported.