[TRANSCENDENCE] Laulau 8.3GT-S Rev2.0 / Spinning

[TRANSCENDENCE] Laulau 8.3GT-S Rev2.0 / Spinning

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Offshore versatile rod Laulau83GTS Rev 2.0.

The aim was to complete an offshore big game from Okinawa to Hokkaido and overseas expeditions with one game.
Things you can't normally think of.
But I really want to make it with this one. LL83GTS Rev 2.0 was developed with that in mind.

The target is assumed to be various fish eaters up to 100 kg class. An mD2 system that changes the material and design of all pieces, which can be constructed only because it is a multi-piece rod.
Making full use of this design concept, it was designed to establish a game from 10 kg or less to 100 kg.
The more divisions the multi-piece rod has, the finer the design can be, and by dividing the blanks appropriately, both functionality and durability have been achieved.

The initial version of Rev1.0 had a supple rod setting compared to normal offshore rods so that you can enjoy fishing overseas freshwater monster fish.
Rev2.0 enhances the element as an offshore rod, focuses on lure games and lure targets rather than freshwater monster fish, and enhances blanks power overall.
Taking advantage of the multi-piece rod, the carbon ratio is changed for each section to achieve both distance and power, making it easy to use for a wide range of targets.

Even in GT games and fighting with large amberjack, the sense of stability and security has increased even more than Rev1.0.
Bat power has blanks power and restoring force that flexibly parries GT, large amberjack, and bluefin tuna and lifts naturally.

The 1st and 2nd sections have operation performance and long-distance casting performance. The 3rd and 4th sections pursue lifting performance.
When you hang a fish with Laulau, the load will be applied to the 3rd and 4th sections.
This section is a moderately bent and sticky section, specializing in floating fish.

Since it is a pack rod with a closed size of 530 mm, it is possible to avoid the risk of lost baggage and damage on overseas expeditions.
The important thing in an expedition is to fish first.
In pursuit of robustness and flexibility while being lightweight, it is a rod that can approach any target as an expedition rod.

The grip comes with a screw grip for Expediton and a seamless straight grip. (2 grips)

Please try it once.

Test target: GT, bluefin tuna, amberjack, yellowfin, yellowtail, cubella snapper, silver thread fin, piraiva, jau, pirarucu

Closed Length:530mm(776mm)
CastWeight:50 - 180g
Rod Wt:390g@776mm/550g@530mm