[Avail] ABU Aluminum Worm Shaft for Ambassadeur 2500C, 2600C, 3500C Series

[Avail] ABU Aluminum Worm Shaft for Ambassadeur 2500C, 2600C, 3500C Series

Our Selling Price: US$39.60


◆ Product introduction

Aluminum worm shaft for ABU Ambassador 2500C.
This will also restore the reels that have broken genuine nails.
By using aluminum alloy as the material, the weight reduction, which is important for 2500C, has been realized at a high level.

Aluminum worm shaft for ABU Ambassador 2500C


Currently, only normal models for 2500C are available, but models for 1500C and models with 2 ball bearings will be released soon.
(Ball bearing specifications are scheduled for autumn 2020 or later.)


◆ Specifications

◇ Basic specifications

│ Material
Gear, shaft: Aluminum alloy
Resin part: Duracon

│ Weight
Aluminum worm shaft: 2.3g
Genuine product (2500C): 6.1g

│ Conforming Model
ABU Ambassador
2500C, 2500CI, 2500C IAR, 2500CS Rocket, 2500CDL
2600C, 2600C Elite
2601C, 2601C Elite
3500C, 3500C IAR, 3500CS Rocket, 3500CA Limited


Basically, it is a work to replace with genuine product

I will explain using the ABU Ambassador 2500CI.

Remove the side cup.

Push the two claws inward and remove the worm gear.

First, remove the pilot guide cap and remove the pilot guide before starting work. One of the claws on the worm shaft in the photo is broken.

Install the aluminum worm shaft. Be sure to attach the pilot guide and pilot guide cap.

The side cup is attached and the installation is complete.

The photo on the left is a genuine product. The genuine product in the early days does not have a metal cup like the one on the left in the photo.
If you want to use it on an early model that does not have a cup, cut off the outer circumference of the Avail worm shaft with a nail clipper or nippers and process it as shown on the right in the photo.
(Sorry, we couldn't prepare the sample parts.)