HRCB-840ZHi 4mm×8mm×3mm

HRCB-840ZHi 4mm×8mm×3mm

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Uses a new technology that prevents the metal itself from rusting due to a special manufacturing method.
A salt-compatible bearing that boasts more than 10 times the rust prevention performance of Premium (SHG).
Of course, the smoothness of rotation is a silky feeling unique to HEDGEHOG STUDIO.
Ideal for tough fishing that requires a high level of rotation performance and durability.
Salt Angler Long-awaited next-generation anti-rust bearing.

■ How to choose bearings

SHG premium bearings for freshwater fish such as trout and bass and light lures where high sensitivity is important.
HRCB anti-corrosion bearings are recommended for all saltwater fish.
(SHG can also be used with salt, but if durability is important, HRCB is best.)