HRCB-630Hi 3mm×6mm×2mm

HRCB-630Hi 3mm×6mm×2mm

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Metal itself by a special production method is adopted the very rust resistant new technology.
Premium is a salt corresponding bearing, which boasts more than 10 times of the anti-rust performance compared to (SHG).
Of course smoothness of rotation is silky feeling of HEDGEHOG STUDIO unique.
Rotation performance is also ideal for tough fishing that is required at a high level both durability.
Salt anglers is the long-awaited next-generation anti-rust bearings.

■ How to choose the bearing

SHG premium bearings in light lure of freshwater fish and high-sensitivity-oriented, such as trout bus.
The all saltwater fish in Salt General is recommended HRCB anti-rust bearings.
(SHG is also salt can be used but, HRCB if to emphasize the durability is the best.)