[MTCW] Drag Grease MTDG-02 (medium viscosity)

[MTCW] Drag Grease MTDG-02 (medium viscosity)

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■ Product Description

MTCW and oil manufacturers in Drag Grease was co-developed
MTDG series that achieves the ultimate performance required to drag.

By finer than conventional grease particles exert an effect as grease even in small amounts, realize unprecedented ultra-low resistance. .
Has been a harsh environment to be an optimal design, always to demonstrate the performance of the grease,
 it has become possible is very good water-resistant and robust oil film secured.
Drag Grease the first-ever, has adopted a urea-based grease, ingredients, such as damage to the resin and rubber parts are not included at all.
By further blending a special fluorine, has achieved a very light and smooth operation.
This Lubricate a small amount, persisting over a long period of time the effect and the anti-wear effect with immediate effect in that adapt.