[TRANSCENDENCE] Eta quattro 65B+ for Offshore Rod

[TRANSCENDENCE] Eta quattro 65B+ for Offshore Rod

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The second installment of offshore rod of TRANSCENDENCE. Eta quattro65B + (eta Quattro).

Laulau83GT-S 4 years we are working on the development from the release, had come to finally form is Eta quattro65B +.
Jigging rod of this bait is a multi-piece rod which is assembled on the assumption the expedition of domestic and foreign offshore.

Eta quattro is considered top priority Portability in suitcase. Informal Noh play dimension is 700mm.
And it finished with a capable of accommodating to the baggage size.
Because there are fewer fields that need to fit into a normal carry-on size, now such a determination.

EQ65B + puts the development emphasis on ease of use and sensitivity of the jig required in the slow pitch jerk, we have been developing.
Field EQ65B is required is mainly expedition destination, conditions from shallow to deep is different.
In which there is a need for corresponding to the various situations, it may be because it is a multi-piece rod.

EQ65B + is merely like a baton that is on the extension of the arm.
Operability that can be successfully mending the line that leads to the jig and agility, and to obediently follow the weight of the jig, the reaction force that can move the jig naturally depending on the resistance there is in the blanks of EQ65B +.

EQ65B + is 6ft in combination, 6.5ft, 7.4ft, you can vary the length to 7.9ft.
Doing a wide range of up to medium-deep sea from shallow, in the long fall jerk is required situation is also available in long fall.

> EQ60B (2Pc Tasu Grip) For Deep And Heavy Weight Jigging
Jig Weight: 400G (Max) PE Max: # 3

of 6.0ft eta Quattro. This can be operated the 400g of the jig-length, or aimed at the large targets, such as amberjack and dogtooth tuna in slow and high pitch, we are of the medium-deep sea Mutsu class and Kinme, cod and the like to target.

EQ60B to mount a strong # 1 section shorter than the EQ65B has realized a strong blanks to control the jig without losing the jig and water pressure.
Mandrel winding the carbon sheet also using a mandrel of ultra-fine.
Has been achieved tenacity and high sensitivity can be performed by providing features to substantially close such a design and material to the solid carbon.

Large fish in the fight at the reel Fight is also possible catch.

> EQ65B (2pc + Grip) for Shallow and medium deep Jigging
Jig weight: 250g (Max) PE max: # 2

eta Quattro of 6.5ft is, 90g, 160g, 190g, the operation performance can freely operate the jig of 250g I pursued.
As used herein, the term operating performance and is that of being able to produce the original movement jig a natural reaction force of the blank, we laid the center of the design that does not interfere with the movement of the jig.
Further, in order to concentrate on the movement and sensitivity of the jig, consideration to blank the weight and balance. All # 2 equipped with a TORZITE Titanium guide was the pursuit of weight reduction and sensitivity.
The # operability by second section becomes lighter, it will vary greatly even missing a sense of the rod.
I think that there are a variety of how to move by a person with respect to the rod action but was designed to be an extension of the arm that does not inhibit the operability. And # 3 power as the power band of the place referred to in the general notation # 4 has been designed to power band of just about the middle of the power. If the high power range of this versatile, makes the perfect combination when targeting a wide range of range from shallow. > EQ74B (2Pc Tasu Grip) For Medium Deep Jigging Jig Weight: 350G (Max) PE Max: # 2 > EQ79B (2Pc Tasu Grip) For Shallow And Medium Deep Jigging Jig Weight: 250G (Max) PE Max: # 2 7.4Ft , eta quattro is EQ60B, long fall for a rod that was 1.4ft extend the EQ65B of 7.9ft. Jig of the type and really long fall in the context of the target exists is advantageous situations. Fall and reel action from the lift of the long stroke There are addictive situation. The fact can be the bait of the role jig to produce an action to escape with a large stroke will be to help at the time of each here. Try to try with all means Eta quattro even those who do not is that it has a long lift and long fall is usually.