[TRANSCENDENCE] Currentes 82S+ (Rod)

[TRANSCENDENCE] Currentes 82S+ (Rod)

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The "Currentes82S+" multi-piece rod for Seabass is thoroughly packed with passion and know-how for TRANSCENDENCE's multi-piece rods.

A multi-piece rod for Seabass that can be adjusted to 8.2ft and 9.8ft.
The storage size is 550 mm.
This in-flight carry-on size is targeted for domestic expeditions, business trips, and overseas expeditions.
By making it this length, the convenience in overseas fields also increases.

Why does TRANSCENDENCE dare to make a multi-piece rod for Seabass?
That's because there was no pack rod of the quality that users demanded, a rod that fits our fishing.
We needed a Seabass rod that we could keep swinging as if it were a part of our own body, even if we kept swinging it for hours with extraordinary passion.

And in the past, pack rods often broke easily.
That's a fact. TRANSCENDENCE's multi-piece rods don't break easily.
We want you to feel the thoughts of those who understand the meaning of a rod breaking at an expedition site in your hands.

Currentes is a crystallization of TRANSCENDENCE's technology, achieving distance, sensitivity, and operability in a high dimension.
It took a long time to develop this rod.
The design of a multi-piece rod is not easy.
The more pieces you have, the more likely you are to get distortion, and if you design it well, you can transform it into a super comfortable rod that surpasses a one-piece rod. The rod designed by Toshi and Kimura, centered on Masayoshi Yamane and Katayama, is a rod filled with the thoughts of extraordinary anglers, Currentes82S+.

> CR82S (4pc+Grip) for urban side and river lure fishing

Short length version of Currentes at 8.2ft.

In addition to the lightness and robustness of the entire rod, the performance required for this length of Currentes is casting performance, accuracy, cast feel, sensitivity, and lifting power.
While having the casting performance that can reach the break line offshore by casting a lure of about 8 g, we have realized a rod balance that can swing a vibration of 28 g.

Since we are also considering the structure game of the port area, we have developed the #1 section (tip section) with a focus on casting accuracy (accuracy).
We have thoroughly tested it because it is the last section to send out the lure.
If this shakes, the accuracy will decrease.
The cast feel depends on whether you can use the reaction force of the entire blank for the appropriate weight.

We adjusted the material and thickness for each section to convey the reaction force of the entire carbon blank to the lure and thoroughly pursued the cast feel while maintaining robustness.

Sensitivity is an important element for anglers to catch information in the water.
We constructed the blank with high elasticity carbon as the main axis.
We shaved off the extra things so that you can focus on sensitivity when you pick up the rod.
We used plenty of Torzite guides for the guide and pursued lightness.
By adopting an adjustable balancer weight, it is possible to choose the best setting for each angler at 8.2ft and 9.8ft.
(Scheduled: 0,8,16,24 g)

And it is, finally, lifting power.
Because TRANSCENDENCE is developing with both domestic and overseas in mind, this lifting power to attract fish is also important.
The balance between this lifting power and casting performance is one wall.
Rods with lifting power tend to have lower casting performance.
The #5 section is common for 8.2ft and 9.8ft.
It took time to develop because the design of this section was difficult.
The testers were also able to achieve satisfactory distance and lifting power.

Target: Seabass, Spotted halibut, Flounder, Red sea bream, Trout, Barramundi, etc.

> CR98S (5pc+Grip) for Surf game and river lure fishing

Long length version of Currentes at 9.8ft.

By thoroughly working on 8.2ft, we focused on dramatically increasing the casting performance while keeping the accuracy, cast feel, sensitivity, and lifting power of 8.2ft.
We designed a system to add the #4 section to 8.2ft and build up to 9.8ft.
When throwing the same lure, the point of force applied to the rod shifts, so the entire blank can receive the force of the lure and turn it into a reaction force.

It is designed to maximize the reaction force of the entire rod when casting a jig or sinking pencil of 28g or more on the surf.
The long-lasting performance of Currentes98S was realized by the tester and designer, paying close attention to it and thoroughly packed it.

You should notice the lightness when you pick up this long rod with the variable balancer system.
You should be able to keep casting without losing concentration for hours; it should become a part of the angler's body.

Target: Seabass, Spotted halibut, Flounder, Red sea bream, Trout, etc.


Length: 8.2-9.8ft (irregular 4-5 pieces @ 2 patterns)
Closed length: 550 mm
Top Guide: Titanium Torzite adopted
Guide: Titanium, SiC composite guide
Blank: 4-axis carbon
Grip: Variable balancer weight system