[TRANSCENDENCE] Currentes 82/98S+

[TRANSCENDENCE] Currentes 82/98S+

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The multi-piece rod of Chivas only that thoroughly packed with passion and know-how for multi-piece rod of TRANSCENDENCE "Currentes82S + (Karentesu)".

Variable to seabass rod multi-piece rod 8.2ft and 9.8Ft. Informal Noh play dimension is 550mm.
This is the domestic expedition, domestic travel, carry-on size to match the target overseas expedition.
Also increases the convenience of overseas fields in be fabricated in this length.

Why create a multi-piece rod of TRANSCENDENCE Gaaete sea bass rod.
It is their own fishing in a compatible rod, because there was no quality of the pack rod that users want.
Multiplied by the extraordinary passion, because sea bass rod that can also continue to pretend nothing hours continue to pretend to like a part of my own body was needed.

Then, pack rod that was in the past was easy well broken. That is the case.
The multi-piece rod of TRANSCENDENCE will not break easily.
I want you to feel for the hand the feelings of the rod to the break that rod to those who understand the meaning is created in the expedition destination.

Karentesu is distance, sensitivity, crystal technology TRANSCENDENCE which is established the operability at a high level.
Long time before the development of this rod was necessary.
Of multi-piece rod design's not easy.
There is also prone strain The more piece is reborn super comfortable rod surpassing even the one-piece rod if well designed.
The rod tow stone and Kimura was the Tadashi Yamane and Katayama in design to the center rod that is filled with feelings of extraordinary angler it is Currentes82S +.

> CR82S (4pc + Grip) for urban side and river lure fishing

short-length version of Karentesu of 8.2ft.

Lightness and robustness of the entire rod is, of course, obtained performance long cast performance Karentesu of this length, Acura Sea, cast feel, sensitivity, lifting power.
I have with me a far-throw performance that can be 8g reach the break line of off the coast to cast the front and back of the lure, was to realize the rod balance passing pretend the vibration of 28g.

Because you are thinking to structure the game is also the premise of the harbor section, cast accuracy (Accuracy) is also # 1 section development involved the (tip section) in the material.
Finally precisely because section for feeding the lure was thoroughly and repeat the test.
This will be reduced and would shake Acura Sea.

Cast feel will come depends on the availability of the reaction force of the entire blank with respect to fit weight.
Such as by adjusting the material and thickness for each section to be transmitted to the reaction force of the entire carbon blank to lure, while maintaining the robustness pursued thoroughly cast feel.

It has become an important element to catch the information of water for anglers with respect to sensitivity.
Constituting a blank of high modulus carbon to the main shaft.
We scraped the extra things to be able to focus on the sensitivity at the time of pick up the rod.
The guide pursue plenty of use lighter Torzite guide.
It is possible to get to choose the most appropriate setting for the 8.2ft and 9.8ft in angler each by adopting an adjustable balancing weight. (Planned: 0,8,16,24g)

and finally to the lifting power.
TRANSCENDENCE because overseas not only in Japan but has been developed with a view, is an important element is also the lifting power to gather the fish.
Both of the lifting power and a long cast performance is one of the wall. Rod there is a lifting power will tend to easily fall a long cast performance.
# Section of the 5 has become a common section of 8.2ft and 9.8ft. Since the took time to develop was the very design of this section.
Testers who was also it is possible to realize the distance and lifting power satisfactory.

Target: sea bass, flathead, flounder, red sea bream, trout acids, barramundi, etc.

> CR98S (5pc + Grip) for Surf game and river lure fishing

Long-length version of Karentesu of 9.8ft.

8.2ft Acura Sea by fabricated to thoroughly 8.2ft, cast feel, sensitivity, lifting power is intact, we focused on dramatically increase it further long cast performance.
Designed as a system assembling the 9.8ft by adding a section # 4 in 8.2Ft.
Under the force of the lure in a more whole blank by shifting the point of action of the force applied to the rod when throwing the same lure, it became possible to change the reaction force.

It has become to demonstrate can be designed to maximize the reaction force of the entire rod when casting a more jig or sinking pencil 28g in the surf.
The tester and the designer has been achieved by going stuffed pay close attention to it firmly has led to long cast performance of Currentes98S.

The balance of the long rod is by adopting a variable balancer system, you should get to notice the light of the case in hand.
Can continue to cast without many hours run out your concentration, you should be able to become a part of the angler's body.

Target: sea bass, flathead, flounder, red sea bream, trout, etc.


Length: 8.2-9.8Ft (Ex 4-5 piece @ 2 pattern)
Closed Length: 550Mm
top guide: titanium Torr Zuid-employed
guide: titanium, SiC composite guide 
blank : 4-axis carbon 
grip: variable balancer weight system