[Avail] SHIMANO Mechanical Brake Knob [BCAL-18BTM]

[Avail] SHIMANO Mechanical Brake Knob [BCAL-18BTM]

Our Selling Price: US$13.20


■ Product introduction

is avail original mechanical brake knob 18BTM.

That's the current model 18 Bantam MGL, will fit in 07 Metaniumu Mg, 08 Metaniumu MgDC, 09 Aldebaran Mg is in the old model.
Left and right steering wheel, can be mounted regardless of the gear ratio.
Weight will get slightly more, but you can color coordinate retainer, together with such knob cap.

※ is expected to release a Gold added.

Lille: 18 Bantam MGL LEFT
Avail parts already mounted on the reel
mechanical brake knob 18BTM black
Microcast Spool 18BTM58RI black
hexagonal star drag 2 black
offset handle STi2 100mm black
EVA Surimunobu
GM knob cap hole without type Gun Metal
Aluminum handle nut M7 black for Shimano

■ colors

・mechanical brake knob 18BTM


Gun Metal



Sky Blue


champagne Gold

■ specifications

• basic specifications

・and aluminum alloy

・about 2.4g (mechanical brake knob body only) 
・genuine 1.9g (18 Bantam MGL)

(adapted reel)  
・07 Metaniumu Mg
・08 Metaniumu MgDC
・09 Aldebaran Mg
・18 Bantam MGL
・each gear ratio, both left and right handle available

■ How to use

Remove the mechanical brake knob of genuine, please use porting the parts that are stuck on the inside to this product.
(It is round a small rubber plate and a square plate. The part name is either "mechanical brake washer")
removed parts Please keep so as not to be Shitsuku.