[Handmade Lure Studio MORPHO] Tuning drag washer set for Cardinal 3-33 Series

[Handmade Lure Studio MORPHO] Tuning drag washer set for Cardinal 3-33 Series

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[Handmade Lure Studio MORPHO / handmade lure studio Morpho]
Cardinal 3-33 series for tuning the drag washer set

non-slip of the genuine, the drag characteristics that do not stop Once Suberidashi, washer set that can be improved to anglers image as per Suberidashi of.
Suddenly even in the context of "Kokozo!" When a big shot is applied, is a revolutionary drag that I bring to landing without panic in the delivery of the smooth line.

※ This product has been designed so as to correspond to the drag of the facsimile edition of the Cardinal 3 Series and Cardinal 33 series.
If you installed the original Cardinal 3 Series and Cardinal 33 series, play, play will occur due to the difference in the bush diameter.

If the reel of your own is difficult to determine whether to correspond to the facsimile edition, we will help you at the time of confirmation.
Since the detailed part you will also find it difficult is transmitted by e-mail, thank you so we will contact you by phone.
At that time on the reel body, a box of reel, the instruction manual, please prepare as much as possible those related, such as a developed view.

※ This item will improve performance at the time of the Suberidashi of the line than the genuine drag, but
the modern reel will vary drag structure, 2 Dali - There is no mean so Le manufacturer goods.
Please understand that point. The set includes one felt washer (with grease) P03 washer 2 sheets (0.3mm)

P05 two washers (0.5 mm)      

※ P03 the washer and P05 washer is on one by two sheets,
so as to enjoy a fine adjustment in accordance with the cardinal individual differences (individual differences),
also try the setting of your choice in order to enjoy Te, it is the reason that.

Things get available

tweezers, flathead screwdriver, such as a toothpick

exchange method

or those who are for the first time decomposition has been organized to how the original parts (genuine) is, please work while review the state.
Because not be undone is what likely to occur when you've been working without understanding the structure.
Since there is also plastic parts, brute force is taboo.
Remove the parts, if not the wrong direction to incorporate the force is not required.
P03 washer, P05 because the washer is a thin plastic parts, please be careful not to tell the crease and scratches.

1. Loosen the Doragunobu.

Please Loosen up tightly and last.

2. Remove the side plate.

3. Turn off the stopper, and remove the drag bar plate.

4. Remove the E-ring of the shaft rear end.

3. It is relatively easy to, but you come from here to need a little tips.
Move towards the front in order to minimize the force to bend the spool shaft.
Remove the ring crowded insert the tip of the tweezers, but care must be taken so easily lost flying.

5. spool and pull each shaft.

I think that exit and Scott.

6. Remove the drag set.

Please Push down in the axial direction behind.

Please remove and slide to the side.

Claws down on the drag bush in the axial direction behind,
ledge of the Bush Once out from gun metal, remove the drag set to slide in the transverse direction.

7. washer exchange

setting of stickiness emphasis

in stage genuine drag set on, please keep in except it does not use the third and the black washer of the fifth from the left.

Under the stage of the item recommended, even while improving the Suberidashi setting of emphasis stickiness will be.
P05 washer as there are in the photograph, felt washer, please use in combination with genuine metal washer the P03 washer.
The maximum drag force is the top person of genuine drag, it is in the fishing was the native trout of the tributary area target in the Honshu area,
it is thought first that it is the region is not to be used.
In addition, setting of Suberidashi emphasis is on when you would like to without a felt washer,
P03 washer, I think it all right if I am assembled only at P05 washer.
Please try by the customer of any.

Remove the felt washer from packing bags, please wipe lightly the excess grease with a toothpick or the like.
When the remaining grease to the packing bag set aside not throw, available at the time of maintenance.
In addition, in the case where Doragugurisu has gone missing due to drying,
please use the one you like best from among the related items you will find at the bottom of the item page.

We assembled the drag set, but please note the orientation of the spring washer overlap to last.
You set the opposite and drag performance it will not be properly exhibited.

8. Include the drag set to the body.

Doraguba Please make sure have become like a photograph.

Please insert obliquely the drag set.

7. Please be careful not to shift the orientation of the washer each other partnered aligned with.
6. Make to reverse the task of removing the drag went in.

For felt washer is that there is thicker than the black genuine washers, there is a case where the thickness of the drag set of increases before and after the exchange.
If it is difficult built-increasing number of thickness, changing the P05 washer to P03 washer,
I think that you can be incorporated into a smooth and or perform either of the work of removing the P03 washer.

9.Install the E ring.

Just return the spool shaft to the contrary, formed a Connected Thich link, and then set the E ring to the shaft rear end slit.

Push the E ring in the driver of the tip or the like.
While pressing with your finger from the top so as not to skip the E ring, please try to work with caution.

10. Include the drag bar plate.

11. side plate returned to, is complete to adjust crowded properly tighten the Doragunobu.

Please keep in loosening properly drag when storing the reel.
Leave tightened a long period of time and life will be shorter flows out grease from felt.
Time to replace the product, and Are You go fishing in the weekly pace, I think that it is about two seasons.
The inner diameter of the washer, when it had spread to about 8.5mm will be a measure of exchange.