[TRANSCENDENCE] Pulchra 62B+ (Rod)

[TRANSCENDENCE] Pulchra 62B+ (Rod)

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Pulchra62B, but will remain the best of LateBloomings510 + (LB510), sensitivity and operability, has been developed as LB510 Light Model of which was further brush up the cast feel.

Versatile rod.
Is a word that refers to a versatile rod that can be used in many situations.
TRANSCENDENCE also has continued to seek the form of a versatile rod in the multi-piece rod (pack rod).

'Ve been using so far many of the versatile rod, but the versatile performance of the versatile rod there was a limit.
The reason is simple.
The rod is fixed in length and power, it is how much there was a limit to be extended performance to say that versatility is high.

Length transformer Sen dense is proposed to variable "TRANS system (transformer system)" has evolved to have the scalability to its versatile rod.
Trans system is a system to be changed by the circumstances of the length and characteristics of the blank of one rod.

I want to pretend to short sharp in the small place where hunched over trees.
Want to long cast a long rod when the shoot point off the coast.
If there be bombarded well nimble lure tempo, there is also when you want to accurately throw a heavy lure, whether it is, no matter how convenient it if possible with a single pole.
I did realize it is Pulchra62B.

Pulchra62B domestic, overseas, Okappari, boat, river, lake, throwing the sea from a small lure in any situation to a little big lure, the rod can feel full advantage of the height and the sensitivity of the operation even in dead slow even at ultra-high speed It was finished.

In terms of bus rod sense bat H~XH class to tip is a ML class.
I can not find the action similar to, and finished with a unique setting on the basis of the mD2concept of TRANSCENDENCE.
Where is a compact rod that Ikeru have even informal Noh play dimension 525mm while is clearly different from perfection in the past of the pack rod.

The world Okuridaseru reason with confidence as the ultimate versatile rod is simple.
There is a test at the thorough site.
Four seasons, I had to tell Standing in the water every day, how to create the rod to a few hundred animals of fish home and abroad.
The pursuit of power and comfort of the fight in the fish overseas with a strong pull, pursuing a pin spot accuracy in shooting breath of Toman, long cast of the vegetables of the embankment, the flexibility of the tip to apply a Kisubaito in pink salmon in the spoon , Berry to follow the gill wash Barre easy to Chivas, in the winter of Lake Biwa of bus and finished with a blank having a guide setting and tips to take the delicate Atari in Fluorochemicals line.

Lightly, strong, and 4-axis high-modulus carbon with a high restoring force to bend, super versatile rod that was born by the thorough hands-on approach.
It is Pulchra62B (Pulchra 62).

> PC62B 6.2ft ver (PC # 1

+ PC # 2 + PC # 3 + PC-Grip) domestic and international boat casting game, pin spot cast in a small place, top Water minnows game that actively move, Tokyo Bay light vertical game typified by the sea bass jigging, light rock fish.

To conform to these fishing is 6.2ft ver.
Just turn the crank and spinnerbait, minnow twitch, pencil of the dog walk, high-speed winding of lightweight spinner, light Texas, you can operate, such as the lightly heavy down shot rig.

Sticking to the light of the actual use in the field rather than on the spec, we thoroughly pursue balance and materials.
I think that it would be able to doubt that it is at the same time multi-piece as surprised as "light!" At the moment that has.
Design not too tired to continue pretending day.

Cast is able to complete even in double hand even a single hand, and turn tightly in a little of the load.
Cast Accuracy because it cast also Burezu from the center line of the body with less powerful person can be said to best-in-class.
Action is also similar lightly, so you entered tip is tightly you Ayatsure the lure at will.
Delicate tip is also valid at the time of bytes, it has the power also painful bytes to hook up, such as bytes in the foot will put.
Since the rod berry there is a moderate tension just not soft only, you also to be hooking is determined by a little bit of force.

Moreover, it is noteworthy also lift power not imagine point from the light feeling of use.
You can float the fish in automatic only by the restoring force of the rod even the fish of Toman class to show an intense fight.
The bat is a feature that tightly remain, do not let waste run the fish since it is able to withstand not follow more than necessary bat even for strong pull.
For the fish rod to bend from the bat is running the moment of the strike, so could allow the only dash Nigekomeru to Bush, will be a factor to miss out on valuable fish.
Only because I have experienced once mortifying thought, this part was not Yuzure.

Since the tip and berry against obediently to follow the load, can be accommodated while bending the rod even for actions that escape the tension that leads to Barre, such as gill wash.
Follow-up to tip and forceful berry, exquisite balance of tough bat is the essence of-flops Pulchra62B.
It should be noted that at the time of shipment of Pulchra62B taking into account the use of 7.3ft Ver, which will be described later, has been designed to the front center of gravity.

Since the feelings, the more there was a center of gravity forward becomes easy to actions such as twitch and jerk in the boat of the game, it's a good idea that such a situation in'll pull out one or two a sinker of balancer weights.
Since the grip end is freely adjustable balancer weight the weight of the Pulchra has been adopted, in accordance with well as the weight of the reel, please find a balance of taste.
(Fuji-made balancer weight EWBC adopted)

> PC73B 7.3Ft Ver (PC # 1 Tasu PC # 2 Tasu PC # 3 Tasu PC # 4 Tasu PC-Grip)

Structure Trombone in Okappari sea bass, including the bass fishing of Big Lake, such as Lake Biwa, the front is the point where the thread touches a shallow short rod, such as a shot breath of Toman, scene of a long cast is required to visit unexpectedly. To conform to these situations and these fishing is 7.3ft Ver.

Delicate and tip, berries but is alive and well to follow even though there is a tension, will also change Gara nature of the rod not only in length by adding one of the strong blanks parts.
Since the tough bat section is extended to demonstrate the strength of unequaled in a situation that does not want to be run there is an obstacle to the feet in Okappari.
The minute the bat is longer, makes it easier to be cast to the heavy lure because Seoeru the lure in the body.

Recommended lure weight of Pulchra62B Although You are 5~28g it is assumed the Fullcast, in a scene or dealing with the lure of about 35g of a little heavier site easy to handle this 7.3ft ver than 6.2ft Ver Xiang.
It recommended as a manufacturer does not but, as a special use of 7.3ft ver, there is a way to use a big bait of up to about 2.5 ounces (70g).
Casting in there is a knack, but for those who are not familiar with the cast of the big bait is not the want absolutely imitate (a quick cast is strictly prohibited), after consideration of the difficulty to cast, tip the ML class because the benefits that can handle the big bait in the rod, the angler that is crowded to do the big bait will able to understand.

In addition, had put the most power in the test of this 7.3ft ver is the height of sensitivity in the winter of bass fishing.
Delicate fishing, such as in the winter of bass fishing had been a multi-piece rod is not suitable in the common sense of until now.
Pulchra 62B which aims to super versatile rod is not only a high-speed game of overseas, disconnect the line tension to the limit, we believe that must also correspond to the fishing in the counter electrode called a dead slow.
Therefore fluorocarbon and nylon line not only PE is finished with exquisite guide settings that take the delicate vibration of just hitting the guide.
Of course it is also effective for other fishing, and finished with a rod that can fishing with high sensitivity even in such a small rock fish game the bottom sensitivity is used an important lightweight sinker.

■ blanks

Pulchra 62Tasu is using a high elastic 4-axis blanks.
Image of "high modulus blanks sensitivity is fragile ... too there is a tension I hope" is a thing of the past.

Is the latest technology bends and chitin to high elasticity, there will be such a blank.
Blanks to bend at a high elasticity, this disadvantage is not found honest.
Former medium-low elastic rod had become the mainstream, even in hard plug that scrolls and aggressive move, because the tip and the berry is bent tightly, action is also easy to wear, do not have to play even shallow bytes.
On the contrary after the bent because it is a highly elastic, restoring force that tries to return to its original shape works strongly.
Byte is made possible the tricks that apply to automatic by the restoring force without repelled.

Also during the cast be the same, in the swing of the lure of the weight and the rod, but then turn Kichitto, strong order blanks restoring force us to automatically skip the lure.
Of course for faster convergence of blur after shaking off the rod, it will improve the Acura Sea.
It casts Speaking in the field sense will also be very easy hooking.
In addition, highly elastic blanks until the load is applied is also very high sensitivity of when operating a light weight soft bait for you are crispy.
The use of a heavy weight of the bottom pumping and heavy cover is not recommended, but no sinker and light Texas, ease of use and operation of the Neirurigu, the height of sensitivity I think I'll be surprised.

High modulus blanks specific restoring force is for us a great job even when the fight.
Since the force that tries to return from the state in which the rod itself is bent to its original shape acts strongly, even without having to put an action, such as pumping only keep in tightly bending the rod, you can float the fish to automatic.
Fight just winding the reel handle while maintaining the angle of the rod will be established.
Moment multiplied by the fish, you should able to think "Do's easier this rod".

Lake Biwa Rokumaru bus as an example was sometimes kill does not take 10 seconds in the Fight of the only wind the handle.
On the other hand, is the height also features of the blanks breaking strength so was thoroughly tested in Kalimantan Island and the Amazon Guyana overseas.
If Magere in neatly suitability of the load you can catch a big fish than you think.
Okiyama Mr. testers had to catch up to the crocodile.

However, huge too fish and creatures, of course, so unexpected that, I think you'll taking advantage of its strength in the range of common sense.
Use the Latebloomings510 + to the fish, such as Papuanbasu more than eight kilometers as an example.

■ power-action

action is expressed as medium taper feelings first closer.
Tip for power ML, Berry is the image of M, bat H~XH.

Be represented by the existing taper and power has become very difficult to design.
You may want to say completely new power, and action sense.
This is a power action that was achieved because of a multi-piece that can have a job to each blank parts, though also no longer see any rod that only similar in terms of created a rod was not until now in practice you.

Skip the light lure, the tip section of which is designed to bend in order not to play the bytes.
Section of the berry part to assist in the hooking and casting at a moderate tension even while following.
Sections that can be while to have a function as a tough bat that does not bend more than necessary, be throw to bear a heavy lure in 7.3ft Ver at the time of 6ft2in.
Hard not to bend strongly section for adding at 7.3ft Ver.
While establishing a variable system also makes properly each of the work, the work was very hard to take this balance.
Power and action of the tiger Sen staff Saguriate become Everyone has dwelled in the Pulchra 62B.

■ guide setting

guide setting is one of the most stick part.
PE3 No. +40 pound line be passing smoothly order to withstand the fight with the game fish of the overseas as a condition, the guide is pick up that the vibration of the yarn at the time of use of Fluorochemicals line of a no tension, it does not drop the distance.
To balance to achieve all of these were very difficult point.

It is, of course, must not be greater guide of the inner diameter if to emphasize the omission of the leader, you can not pick up the vibration of Fluorochemicals line that it is too large guide.
Further, in order to give the light of the guide had to be lightly to the limit.
So I arrived the setting was to adopt the finest titanium Torr Zuid single foot guide the seven guides from the tip.

Torr-Zeit guide is compared to the SIC guide of the same size outline, it has the advantage of having a larger inner diameter.
And because the frame is titanium, I was able to put out the light feeling while well the missing leader bundling unit.
In addition there is also sticking to a single foot, it does not kill the performance of the blanks itself of the rod by reducing the range of winding the thread of course things become lightweight.
Using the titanium torque-Zeit, by going to fine-tune the guide position, the result more than 40 pounds assumed, even up to 60 lbs leader can exit smoothly, balance and yet can feel the vibration of Fluorochemicals line we get to.
This guide setting that can be used every line in every situation from the high-speed game to dead slow game was completed.

■ grip reel seat

is in Pulchra 62B has adopted the ACS reel seat.
Pamingu this ACS reel seat is easy to will be there are a variety of benefits.
If you move the top water plugs and minnow in 6.2ft Ver, a wide range of movement of the wrist for exploitable tight grip, you can put a surprisingly comfortably action only against lightly the grip end to the elbow.

Compatibility with nimble tip of Pulchra 62B is also exceedingly good.
In addition, in the 7.3ft Ver has the advantage of can feel the vibration transmitted to the reel in delicate winding in no tension in the palm.
The vibration of the line transmitted to the level wind of the guide and the reel will be aggregated to the side plate of the reel.
You are crowded tightly grip the reel, I far cry comes into can feel information is either not elaborate grip.
In order to take advantage of the benefits of the ACS recommends a low-profile type of bait reel.
Of course when you throw a crank and spinnerbait is also the situation to adapt also round reel but, or put the action, please use the low-profile reel exploitable grip in the fishing pick up the vibration of the line.
I'm sure you'll be amazed at its comfort.

The skilled development, we put prefer a low profile reel of S Corporation resin body.
Especially in the fishing pick up the vibrations of the line will be transmitted ease of vibration of the resin side plate us to further enhance fishing sensitivity at Pulchra 62B.

Also, as the features of the grip has adopted a separate grip, it has helped to nimble action.
Grip length of action likely to length at the time of action of 6.2ft ver is devoted to the elbow, at the time of winding of 7.3ft ver has set the length of Hasameru the end aside.

Since the balancer weights which can be freely of weight adjustment, please set the balance of tastes depending on the reel and situations.