[TRANSCENDENCE] LateBloomings 510+ Rev2.0 (Rod)

[TRANSCENDENCE] LateBloomings 510+ Rev2.0 (Rod)

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LateBloomings510+ Rev2.0

As the flagship product of TRANSCENDENCE, the rod LateBloomings510+ remains unshaken.

Two years after the release of LB510+, we have further abused and used LB510+ on the field.
The feedback from the field was incorporated into the materials, manufacturing methods, and design to develop the current LateBloomings510+ Rev2.0.

The 4in1 system, which allows for four lengths with one set of rods, remains the same, but we have adjusted the carbon material and reviewed the carbon strength (content).

In addition, we have improved operability, long-distance casting performance, and weight reduction for each section.
The reel seat adopts ACS to adjust to the fishing and reel that LB510 will likely develop.
The red thread and aluminum parts used so far have been changed to a cosmetic based on gunmetal.
We were able to further sublimate it as one of the ultimate versatile rods that you want to have when you go on an expedition.
We highly recommend it confidently and want you to pick it up.

From LB510, active in South American and overseas rowboats and domestic boat games, to LB62, which is used for jigging games and high-speed jerks using the characteristics of long grips.
LB73 is compatible with casting games from the shore by adding an extension section to the short grip.
Adding an extension grip to LB77 allows you to create a tough, flexible blank that can withstand up to Arapaima.

Reel used during development: SHIMANO DC EXSENCE, Scorpion HG, DAIWA Morethan PE TW, LEXA 300

> LB510 (3pc+ShortGrip) for short length lure fishing

A short-length rod of 5'10". The length was developed mainly for Peacock bass games, Toman games, and Barramundi games on South American rowboats.
This length is also ideal for big lure fishing of Japanese Seabass (Konoshiro seabass) patterns in Japan.
Since LB510 is not a stiff rod, it can cast from a lure of about 10g.
On the other hand, it can shoot through lures from over 50 g to 130 g, and the operability that allows action is unique to LB510, which has been polished in overseas top water games.
The lightness, security, and operability are incomparable to rods tested with one fish species or just stiff rods.

LB510ver has a basic setting of a label that catches fish with the entire rod.
We have polished the strength and flexibility of the blanks that catch more than Rev1.0.
We have greatly improved the lightness when held by further reviewing the usage and setting of high-elastic 4-axis carbon for each section.

Target: Peacock bass, Barramundi, Taraiara, Toman, Gamyui, Cachorro, Seabass, Black bass, etc.

> LB62(3pc+LongGrip) for Jigging

LB62 is a model that changes the grip of LB510.

It is ideal for games where long grips are important, such as jigging games.
By becoming Rev2.0, we have adjusted the #1 and #2 sections that can adjust to even larger targets.
The blanks specialized for jig operability have the flexibility to compete equally with targets of about 10 kg.
It is possible to do some rough fights, and it is possible to cope with larger targets in a slow jigging style.

Depending on the jig used and the sea conditions, the depth of -250 m is the application range.
It can cover without problems if it is a fish from Yellowtail kingfish to medium-sized Greater amberjack.
It can handle jigging by high pitch as well as slow pitch.

In addition, it is also ideal for big lure sea bass games of the Konoshiro pattern represented by Tokyo Bay.
In addition to the short grip of LB510, the long grip of LB62 can also be used according to the angler's usage.
In the case of LB62, you will lure by hitting the grip on your arm and using that reaction. LB510 and LB62, which can operate without any problems, even with a 130g lure, will be the best partner for jigging and overseas expeditions and Japanese Seabass (Konoshiro seabass).

Target: Yellowtail kingfish, Japanese amberjack, general slow jigging targets, Wolf-eel, Japanese Seabass (Konoshiro seabass), etc.

> LB73(4pc+ShortGrip) for long cast lure fishing

Cover the necessary distance when long casting is required at high footholds or on expeditions by utilizing the length of 7.3ft.
We prioritize operability and do not interfere with the grip during action.

> LB77(4pc+LongGrip) for long cast lure fishing、Big target game

By making it 7.7ft, you can fight with the rod under your arm.
This allows you to cope with big targets such as Arapaima.
It is possible to receive the power of the fish as a whole, and if it is a freshwater fish of about 30kg, it is possible to catch it with LB77.

On the other hand, for LB77, it is possible to develop a highly versatile game for rockfish games such as Akahata and Spotted halibut, Lake Biwa Catfish, Catfish, Giant freshwater goby, Humphead wrasse, Seabass, etc.

Target: Seabass, Akahata, Spotted halibut, Lake Biwa catfish, Humphead wrasse, Giant freshwater goby, Arapaima, Sakhalin taimen, Giant snakehead, Clown knifefish, Alligator gar, Mangrove jack, etc.


Length: 5.10-7.7ft (irregular 4-5 pieces @ 4 patterns)
Closed length: 500 mm
Top Guide: Adopted titanium torzite
Guide: Titanium, SiC composite guide
Blank: 4-axis carbon
Grip: Variable flexible grip