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KOMAYA drag 

on the growth rate is low characteristics due, such as steep plunge at the time of interaction with the hooking and fish in quick stroke, compensate for the weakness of the scissile ester line when momentarily strong force is applied,
the line break it is a commodity that was intended to prevent. Benefits of the ester line is recommended to fishing, such as Ajingu and area trout Revitalizing to the maximum.
※ also available on a non-ester line.


Type D (for Daiwa)
outer diameter: 24.5mm inside diameter: 11mm
following reel of 1000 to 2000 No. class to the corresponding
05, 12, 15 Igujisuto, 07, 12, 15 Rubiasu, 10 to 16 Seruteto, Presso / Z series
initial Rubiasu , initial Seruteto series, Cardia KIX, Furimusu KIX
TD series, emblems series, Steez TYPE-1, TD Ignis, 14 Ignis
13, 17 Aegis, Buradia, EPIPHYLLUM OXYPETALUM Series, 17 Ekusera

Type L (for Daiwa LT Series)
outer diameter : 22.8mm inside diameter: 14mm
Daiwa LT 1000~2000 No. class of concept reel

Type S (for Shimano)
outer diameter: 20.7mm inside diameter: 12mm
corresponding to the 1000-2000 No. class of the following reel
01, 04, 07, 10, 14, 18 Stella, 01 Stella FW 2500S, 07 Stella 2500S
06, 07, 11, 15 twin-power, 06 Sefia-2500HGS-2500SDH 2500SS
12, 16, 19 Vanquish, 18 Cardiff Ci4,15 Stora Dick 16 Sutra Dick Ci4
12 - 17 Arutegura C2000S, 17 Sahara, 17 Sedona, 16 Nasuki

KOMAYA drag oil
is the only oil at the time of order to use the Shoman'ya drag.
Please apply 2 to 4 drops at a time.