[KAGAWA ENBIKOUGYOU] Spool Shaft Bushing(Cast Control Bush) No.20639 with Abu Bearing

[KAGAWA ENBIKOUGYOU] Spool Shaft Bushing(Cast Control Bush) No.20639 with Abu Bearing

Our Selling Price: US$15.51


Abu bearing containing Kasco down bush No.20639

conform to the Abu Ambassador of ultra cast specification, is Kasco down bush of bearing built.

Fit : the spool shaft bushing of the genuine part number 20639 is mounted, ultra-cast specification Abu Ambassador

accessories : an inner diameter of 4mm × outer diameter of 7mm × thickness 2mm open type bearing one, an inner diameter of 6mm × outer diameter of 7mm × thickness of 0.5mm shim (washer) one

※ shim (washer) is difficult to understand per bush body and the same color, you may have ended up hiding in the bush body.
Because one is included with the goods, thank you for your confirmation.

Close to zero as possible the effect of the mechanical brake by introducing the item, by dissipate further rattling of the spool that occurs during rotation by the rotation of the bearing, and contribute to the rotation improvement of the spool.
Therefore, if too tighten the mechanical brake knob, by the inner movement of the outer ring fixed, the durability of the bearings will be worse.
Durability of the time yelling tightening after checking, there was no problem, I think that is not good and too tighten too much.
Click and cog wheel (the centrifugal brake unit in hand, fits in a form as the lid on top of the bearing in the center portion of the spool, the gear made of plastic)
adjusting the mechanical brake knob enough to hit lightly clearance I think that all right or if I am a.

Installation example
※ I shims (washers) was placed in the opening of the bushing body, please use put a bearing on it.
I think the end surface of the bush body and the bearing is (bearing fits and clean so as to be invisible when viewed from the side) flush.

Installation example
was removing the ※ mechanical brake knob.

※ on the part of the impact of the bush body (pointed), there is the case that something like a thin black stain has occurred, but this will be the thing that the surface of the brass has been corroded by cutting oil.
Do the cleaning of cutting oil after the cutting, but completely because it is difficult to be removed, a small cutting oil had remained will be violated the metal.
Even in such a case, it will be a good product is no problem in the performance, thank you for your understanding.