[tailwalk] Reel Cover

[tailwalk] Reel Cover

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tailwalk reel cover

rod can also be used to reel attached to the chloroprene-made reel cover.

TypeBC and TypeSP lineup for the spinning reel for bait casting reel.
Also adopted thick chloroprene Both models, to enhance the impact resistance.

Bait for casting reel (TypeBC)

TypeBC (for bait casting) S  
storage can be the size of the reel: vertical (approximately) 210mm, horizontal (about) 230Mm

TypeBC (for bait casting) M  
storage can be the size of the reel: vertical (approximately) 230mm, horizontal (about) 250mm

as you will find in the following photo, and I have you all round the frequency of the largest part of the length and breadth of the reel of the body with something like string,
a measure the length of a ruler or the like is, the above-mentioned you can use if falls within the dimensions.
(Because the handle and star drag will be the form that goes out to the outside of the reel cover, so I think that may not be in care)
※ rich because of the neoprene material's flexibility, the size of the order of a few millimeters from the above dimensions I think that in many cases would fall if any.

※ vertical size of the measurement example

※ next to the size measurement example

※ Product (TypeBC) where was developed

※ attached image

for a spinning reel (TypeSP)

in for a spinning reel (TypeSP), another pocket for convenient handle at the time of storage mounting.

TypeSP (for spinning) S   
At the time of deployment size: width (approximately) 165mm, height (about) 310Mm

TypeSP (for spinning) M   
during deployment size: width (approximately) 185mm, height (about) 350Mm

TypeSP (for spinning) L  
size at the time of deployment : width (approximately) 225mm, height (about) 410Mm

※ attached image