19 BALLISTIC LT2000SS-P, LT2500SS-CXH, LT2500S-XH, LT3000S-CXH, LT3000, LT3000-XH, LT4000-C, LT4000-CXH MAX11BB Full Bearing Kit

19 BALLISTIC LT2000SS-P, LT2500SS-CXH, LT2500S-XH, LT3000S-CXH, LT3000, LT3000-XH, LT4000-C, LT4000-CXH MAX11BB Full Bearing Kit

Our Selling Price: US$34.98 - US$50.16

Prices vary according to options.



※ selling product is tuning kit, not reel itself.
※ different kit price depending on the type of bearing.
※ You can find out the sale price pick a choice of options

Bearing Type

High sensitivity bearing of the tournament specs for the best of the rotation performance . Carefully selected only those that have passed screened in one by one hand from among the many bearing. Accuracy has gained a lot of high-evaluated in such important high-sensitivity tuning reel and high rotation bait reel. It is tuning bearing of professional surpassing HRCB in sensitivity and accuracy.

Metal itself by a special production method is adopted the very rust resistant new technology . Premium is a salt corresponding bearing, which boasts more than 10 times of the anti-rust performance compared to (SHG). Of course smoothness of rotation is silky feeling of HEDGEHOG STUDIO unique. Rotation performance is also ideal for tough fishing that is required at a high level both durability. Salt anglers is the long-awaited next-generation anti-rust bearings.

How to choose bearings

SHG bearing : for freshwater fishing such as Bass/Trout or fishing which attaches importance to sensitivity by using light weight lures

HRCB bearing : for overall saltwater fishing which attaches importance to anti-rust effect
(Although you can use SHG bearing on saltwater fishing, HRCB bearing is more suitable because of its durability.)

* Please prepare drivers or pliers yourself.

[Contents of the tuning kit]

(Tuning menu)
handle knob 2BB specification bearing tune
Tournament drag bearing tune
-finesse spool drag bearing tune

handle BB × 2 pieces knob
 (SHG-740ZZ Or HRCB-740ZHi)
- BB × 1 pcs received spool
 (SHG-1170 Or HRCB-1170Hi)
· spool built for BB × 1 one
  (SHG-1060 or HRCB-1060Hi)
• One spool shaft dedicated Allen wrench ×
-tuning manual

※ add four bearings here of the kit, it is possible to the MAX11BB full bearing tuning.

[Tuning Menu]

■ finesse spool drag bearing tune

best and 19 will remove the drag washers such that the spool inside of ballistic back to the color you see.

It is finesse spool drag bearing tune whether to replace the color in the bearing.

Can be more smoothly the rotation of the drag by adding a bearing on this site, such as clinging state of the drag is also reduced, to support a smooth line release at the time of fight.

■ tournament drag bearing tune

can improve the drag performance by replacing the plastic ring that is mounted to the spool shaft portion of the 19 ballistic on the bearing.

By this part to support the spool is bearing reduction, it will drag that can be more smooth start.

■ handle knob 2BB specification bearings tune

and replace the two color in the 19 in the handle knob of ballistic to the bearing.

There is a winding sense of smooth reel in benefits such as high air rotors and precision Tafudejigia, but you can further improve the quality winding comfort and sensitivity by adding the bearing to the handle knob.

※ order to attach the here kit, mug shield (which is the inscription mug shield, part of the lower rotor) parts that are built do not touch at all on. We therefore, please be assured that does not have any such thing as mug shield comes off while working.

※ It is also easily possible to return the reel to reassemble the parts of the state of the genuine.

[Compatible models]


Daiwa 19 ballistic
(LT2000SS-P, LT2500SS-CXH , LT2500S-XH, LT3000S-CXH, LT3000, LT3000-XH, LT4000-C, LT4000-CXH)