【Jackson×MTCW】LINE ROLLER 零改 Jackson Limited

【Jackson×MTCW】LINE ROLLER 零改 Jackson Limited

Our Selling Price: US$93.50


Line roller Reiaratame Jackson Limited

long-established lure manufacturers "Jackson" is collaboration and custom parts manufacturers "MTCW".
The ultimate custom items that bring out the performance of PE-line reel to maximize
"line roller Reiaratame Jackson Limited"
Shimano company medium-sized reel specially designed "line roller Reiaratame Jackson Limited" is
picking up a slight water flow change even reel in accordance with the line as the limit increased the sensitivity to, there is no line roller to until now.
Up sensitivity, on the strength of both the titanium alloy!
Has become a 2500 No. 5000 No. Shimano Inc. medium-sized spinning reel specially designed size,
sea bass, flat fish, as a line roller for the reel to be used to light Shore jigging, etc.,
issue number of dedicated rail and up to No. PE1~1.5 set your own the tilt angle of the roller portion.
Twisted yarn by putting on roller immediately easy PE line can thread dandruff is reduced,
reduce the line trouble, such as backlash significantly.
Reduction of yarn twist leads to the stability of the longest distance at the time of casting, achieve a stress-free fishing.
Rotation of the smooth rollers turned into 2BB than be wound without blurring the line to the spool,
the drag performance is improved, and any chance of line breaks measures.
It is possible to self-maintenance by lubrication to the "line roller Reiaratame Jackson Limited" In line roller internal bearings,
It can be maintained for the rotation performance long-term.
Also it can be refined as new by replacing the bearings if the salt Gami has occurred, is also excellent in cost performance properties.
The ultimate custom items to be directly connected to Tsurie force "line roller Reiaratame Jackson Limited".

Six characteristics

: 1. reel sensitivity improvement
2. line twist reduction
3. backlash reduce
4. longest flying distance of the stability
5. drag performance improvement
6. maintenance improve

the contents of goods

line roller body 1 month, ball bearings 2 months, adjustment shim four


※ Shimano company medium-sized reel specially designed
04-19 Stella 2500 to 5000 No.
12-19 Vanquish 2500-4000 No.
(including XD) 09~15 twin power 2500 to 5000 No.
17 sustain 3000 to 5000 number
(including BB) 10~17 Complex 2500-4000 No.
10-18 Aix sense (including BB) 2500 4000 No.
09-12 Reaniumu 2500-4000 No.
10 Honootsuki 2500-4000 No.
(including CI4) 15~19 Stra Dick 2500 to 5000 No.
05-11 bio master 2500 to 5000 No.
02-17 Arutegura 2500 to 5000 No.
07〜 18 Nasuki 2500-4000 No.
14-18 Sahara 2500-4000 No.
15-17 Sedona 2500-4000 No.
09-16 Eanosu 2500 to 5000 No.

Suferosu all mounted non-
Aorisuta all mounted non-
Nekusabu all mounted non-
Aribio all mounted non-

1 . it becomes a competition-only design.
In your reel settings and lures, etc., there is a risk of such as a line according or backlash.
It is not in fact the can parts except take, etc. According line to 100 percent.
2 . Because of the competition for parts, mounting, etc. Please give me the responsibility of the customer.
3 . Line roller Reiaratame Jackson Limited will be made of titanium.
Because we were colored by anodic oxidation,
the reflection of the original light the dirt and sebum to oxidation coating of the body surface is deposited is suppressed,
it might seem gloss dulled.
In that case, washed with line roller portion only parts cleaner, etc.,
then wiped, luster returns and dried.
※ roller groove portion will be exposed the color of the material itself peel off the film by rubbing line, but
please note that there is no problem in use.