[SHIMANO] 16 GRAPPLER CT Handle Knob Bearing Kit (+ 2BB)

[SHIMANO] 16 GRAPPLER CT Handle Knob Bearing Kit (+ 2BB)

Our Selling Price: US$9.02 - US$11.99

Prices vary according to options.



※ selling product is tuning kit, not reel itself.
※ different kit price depending on the type of bearing.
※ You can find out the sale price pick a choice of options

Bearing Type

High sensitivity bearing of the tournament specs for the best of the rotation performance . Carefully selected only those that have passed screened in one by one hand from among the many bearing. Accuracy has gained a lot of high-evaluated in such important high-sensitivity tuning reel and high rotation bait reel. It is tuning bearing of professional surpassing HRCB in sensitivity and accuracy.

Metal itself by a special production method is adopted the very rust resistant new technology . Premium is a salt corresponding bearing, which boasts more than 10 times of the anti-rust performance compared to (SHG). Of course smoothness of rotation is silky feeling of HEDGEHOG STUDIO unique. Rotation performance is also ideal for tough fishing that is required at a high level both durability. Salt anglers is the long-awaited next-generation anti-rust bearings.

How to choose bearings

SHG bearing : for freshwater fishing such as Bass/Trout or fishing which attaches importance to sensitivity by using light weight lures

HRCB bearing : for overall saltwater fishing which attaches importance to anti-rust effect
(Although you can use SHG bearing on saltwater fishing, HRCB bearing is more suitable because of its durability.)

* Please prepare drivers or pliers yourself.

■ tuning menu and the contents

(Tuning menu)
handle knob 2BB specification tuning

handle BB × 1 pcs knob
 (SHG-950ZZ or HRCB-950ZHi )

you can replace the ※ plastic color you are entered into the handle knob to the bearing.
※ Since the exchange method also Shimano either of bait reel spinning reel Daiwa bearing is almost the same, the photograph will be helpful image. Manual is not included.

■ compatible models

,18 Grappler premium
(150XG, 151XG)