[Avail] ABU Microcast Spool Ambassadeur 1000, 1000C [AMB1030R] [AMB1050R]

[Avail] ABU Microcast Spool Ambassadeur 1000, 1000C [AMB1030R] [AMB1050R]

Our Selling Price: US$77.00 [Regular Price: US$110.00]


■ goods introduction

reel: ABU Ambassadeur 1000 820300
Avail parts already mounted on the reel
MicrocastSpool AMB1030R black
SD-AB-KSTR black
Pure handle S 80mm black
ABU for aluminum handle nut M8 black
S size wood knob striped ebony
retainer 9-10mm type silver
mechanical brake knob 55ST type black

is Ambassador 1000,1000C for Microcast Spool.
And Ambassador 1000 bronze bushing model, can also be used for both of 1000C of the ball bearing model.

Ambassador 1000,1000C is a model that only a short period of time from around 1982 of two to three years has not been produced.

■ Colors

· MicrocastSpool AMB1030R


・MicrocastSpool AMB1050R


Gun Metal


■ Features

spool by reducing the weight of the winding amount, you can weight reduction significantly the weight of the whole spool.
As well as greatly improve the minimum value of the cast can lure weight, extend the distance of the lure in the same weight.

■ Specifications

• Basic specifications

Spool portion: extra super duralumin (colored by anodized)
Shaft parts: Stainless Steel

(adapted Lille)
Old Ambassador 1000,1000C
genuine spool number: 970212 or nine hundred and seventy-five thousand three hundred fifty-one

■ For weight

(spool) (weight) (weight ratio genuine)
MicrocastSpool AMB1030R 12.4g -1.0g
spool 3Mm

MicrocastSpool AMB1050R 12.9 g of -0.5G
spool 5mm

genuine spool 13.4 g of 1000 -

■ line capacity

(spool AMB1030R MicrocastSpool) 
· 8Lb Fai0.235Mm 60M
· 10Lb Fai0.260Mm 50M
· 12Lb Fai0.285Mm 40M

( spool AMB1050R MicrocastSpool)
· 12Lb Fai0.285Mm 70M
· 14Lb Fai0.310Mm 60M
· 16Lb Fai0.330Mm 50M

above figures, the Yamatoyo gut (stock) like nylon line (versatile design) have been measured wound up spool C surface .

■ How to use

Remove the centrifugal brake unit than genuine spool, please transplanted into Microcast Spool.
Also, you can use 4-point brake for our made 2500C

and then the summing using a spool rim, there is a possibility that the anodized aluminum is peeled off by friction.
Summing, please be carried out in the wound surface of the spool.