[Avail / avail micro-cast brake [AMB1518 (avail made spool · AMB1518TR only model)

[Avail / avail micro-cast brake [AMB1518 (avail made spool · AMB1518TR only model)

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◆ product concept

is a magnet brake corresponding to avail made Ambassador for custom spool AMB1518TR.

Because it is the type that does not mount the brake unit to the spool body, preventing an increase in the weight of the spool body, it can be exerted more performance of the spool.

Magnet brake body is capable of adjusting a distance between the brake disk by means of a screw system, in accordance with the lure to field conditions and use can be fine adjustment of the brake force.

If you want to cast lighter lures, is a combination of the magnet brake and PE line is recommended in order to suppress the increase in the weight of the spool.

◆ Specifications

・Body: polyacetal resin (Duracon)
・O-ring: Nitrile Rubber
・magnet: Neodymium magnets .phi.4 × 3 4 or

・5.5 g

adapted reel
"wearing the MicrocastSpool AMB1518TR"
Ambassador 1500C / 1500CDL / 1600C / 1601C / 150PLUS

fit spool
・MicrocastSpool AMB1518TR
※ MicrocastSpool AMB1520R / AMB1540R / AMB2518TR non-conforming

◆use of magnet brake

adjustment of the brake force is adjusted by turning the screw of the body.
※ The image is is 2500C, 1500C also be used method is the same.

1. Install the resin color that comes with the shorter of the spool shaft.

2. Attach to the boss portion that is with a bearing of the handle side of the side plate of the brake body.

3. brake body to be connected to one base portion and a magnet fixed portion in the screw.
Length to a green arrow direction will change and turn in the direction of the red arrow.
If the braking force is weak in a counter-clockwise, when the strong should be adjusted by turning it clockwise.