[Abu genuine] handle knob C type (single)

[Abu genuine] handle knob C type (single)

Our Selling Price: US$15.40


[Abu genuine] handle knob C type

※ Narimashi this every time a new production lot from sale of goods, the design of the handle knob has been changed.
It will be as usual regard to size and fit.

2013 model lightweight EVA middle round knob that has been adopted in Revo BIG SHOOTER COMPACT of genuine handle of

a good size of maneuverability and grasp firmly.

Compliant: Big shooter, reel EVA middle round knob, such as Big Shooter Compact is mounted.

※ handle knob (not removable) Shimete there or to the handle body on the type of reel not available.

※ It will be sold separately, please order at two in the reel of the double handle.

It will be assembled set of EVA handle knob and the knob cap. (Both genuine)
※ Since the washer to adjust the bearing and backlash not included, please purchase separately if necessary.

Specifications: length about 45 mm, thickness about 29 mm (the thickest portion), about 15 mm (the thinnest portion), (including the knob cap) Weight about 9g
material of the handle knob to water EVA (rigid foam material) less likely to be slipping in wet, there is a cold less likely feature in fishing row of the winter.

Color: Black is the color scheme of gold close to the orange to the base.

Bearing: two can be equipped with a bearing of SHG850ZZ size. (Please purchase separately if necessary)