[Abu Genuine] Handle Knob A type (single)

[Abu Genuine] Handle Knob A type (single)

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[Abu Genuine] Handle Knob Type A

Produced by professional angler Kenta Kimura, this double-finger knob is adopted in the genuine handles of the 2013 model Revo BLACK6 and BLACK9.

The shape and length of the knob, which allows for two fingers to grip, transmit power firmly to the reel, enabling instant winding and hooking.
It allows you to pull big fish out of heavy cover without giving them the upper hand.


Fits Abu handle knobs equipped with SHG-850ZZ size bearings, including ZPI’s Abu handles.

*Not compatible with reels where the handle knob is crimped to the handle body (non-removable), such as the Big Shooter, Big Shooter Compact, or reels with EVA middle round knobs installed.

*Sold individually, so please order two double-handle reels.

The set includes an EVA handle knob and knob cap (both genuine parts).
*Bearings and washers for adjusting rattling are not included, so please purchase them separately if necessary.


Total length: approximately 45 mm
Widest part: approximately 19 mm
Narrowest part: approximately 15 mm
Weight: approximately 7 g (including knob cap)
The handle knob is made of EVA (a hard foam material), which is less slippery when wet and does not get cold quickly during winter fishing trips.


The base is black with a gold color close to orange.


Can be equipped with two SHG850ZZ size bearings (Please purchase separately if necessary)