[ABU genuine product] Handle Knob D Type (1 piece)

[ABU genuine product] Handle Knob D Type (1 piece)

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[Abu genuine] handle knob D type

cork handle knob has been adopted in genuine handle of REVO MGXTREME 2500SH of 2018 model

rare cork material as a knob which you can use to genuine handle of Abu.
It is recommended in combination with a rod that you use and cork grip at the trout fishing has been adopted.

Fit : Abu handle knob bearing for mounting two SHG850ZZ size (inner diameter 5 mm × OD 8 mm × thickness 2.5 mm).
※ handle knob (not removable) Shimete there or to the handle body type of reel and big shooter,
the EVA middle reel the round knob is attached, such as a big shooter compact not available.

※ It will be sold separately, please order at two in the reel of the double handle.

It will be assembled set of handle knob and the knob cap. (Both genuine)
※ Since the washer to adjust the bearing and backlash not included, please purchase separately if necessary.

Specifications:: total length of about 36mm, thickness of about 20mm (the thickest part), about 13mm (the thinnest part), (including the knob cap) weight about 5g
material of the handle knob is wet with water in the cork (natural materials) even less likely to slip, there is a cold less likely feature in fishing row of the winter.
※ We overlaying the vinyl you think that the purpose of preventing scratches and dirt on the cork surface, but I think [peeled I think to give you directly feel the texture of the cork.

Color:Knob cap of the hue of cork unique, black is a silver-based color scheme.
※ cork itself per natural materials, there is some variation in the hue. Please note.

Bearing:SHG850ZZ size bearing (inner diameter 5 mm × OD 8 mm × thickness 2.5 mm) 2 pieces can be installed.
(Please purchase separately if necessary)