[Shimano] 18 Bay game for the spool bearings for bearing tuning kit (1040ZZ & 1030ZZ size)

[Shimano] 18 Bay game for the spool bearings for bearing tuning kit (1040ZZ & 1030ZZ size)

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◆Product concept

※ 18 is a kit to replace the bay game of the spool bearing.

※ different kit price depending on the type of bearing.


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◆Tuning menu and contents

18 is a kit for replacing the bay game of the spool bearing. As for the exchange by bearing deterioration, please use for tune-up according to the application.

Exchange part of the spool bearings, 1040ZZ size to the spool shaft portion of the spool, because there is a bearing 1030ZZ size to the internal side cover, please replace, respectively. It should be noted that, to remove the bearing of the spool shaft, so you will need a tool (spool bearing remover) is, please note.

( Tuning menu )
・Spool bearing tuning

(the contents of)
・spool BB × 1 each for bearing
( 1040ZZ + 1030ZZ )
・Tuning Manual


( 150, 151, 150DH, 151DH )