[Daiwa] TD ZILLION Handle Knob Bearing (+ 4BB)

[Daiwa] TD ZILLION Handle Knob Bearing (+ 4BB)

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◆Product Concept

※ selling product is tuning kit, you are not in the reel body.

Treatment with a dedicated oil further high precision bearing quality than standard bearings.
Only carefully selected bearings, which are polished to obtain the normal two or more times of stroke has been choice.
Pure rotation performance with reduced blur even in the ultra-high-speed rotation, ideal for bait reel of super long cast specification.
In addition, even such as the tournament reel of important various bearing ultra-high sensitivity specifications for the gear accuracy.
The difference between the performance of a higher dimension is divided into a victory or defeat, it is tuning bearing professional.

◆Tuning menu and contents

(Tuning menu)
handle knob bearing tune

handle knob for BB (SHG-740ZZ) × 4 pieces
tuning manual

is ※ tuning kit to add four bearings to handle knob.
  As the knob continues around and round and round will be smooth.

◆Compatible models

TD Zillion
100P-CC, 100PL-CC, 100H, 100HL, 100SH, 100SHL

TD Zillion HLC
100H · 100HL

can not be used to ※ PE special.

TD Zillion for bought jump BB kit for spool bearing We together!

TD Zillion kit is here
TD Zillion HLC kit is here

◆Tuning manual

Tuning manual is included.

◆The effect of the main tuning

・ line roller
Line roller 1BB specification tune (630 system) - TD-Z, and then tune to the bearing structure of the tournament Z type.
Line roller 2BB specification tune (740 system) - to tune to the Ig resist type of bearing structure.
Line roller 1BB specification tune (850 system) - to tune in Sorutiga Z type of bearing structure.
※ By adding a bearing, for rotation even line roller with a slight tension,
  winding up of the line is made lightly, to prevent in advance a line trouble because there is a twist reduction effect.
  Also lead to life UP of the line, nor does it detract from the distance.

・ worm shaft
Warm shaft 3BB specification tune - and then tune in TD-Z type of bearing structure.
※ is a tune that can be supported on a reel of the old TD system cross gear system.
  Possible by the bearing of the rotating portion of the as long as, and improves light wind-up and retrieve sensitivity.

・ handle knob
Handle knob bearing tune - and bearing of the inside of the handle knob.
※ depending on the model of the reel, handle knob There are two types of 1BB specification type and 2BB specification type.
  Handling by a bearing added that becomes smooth, it allows no clear retrieve the miscellaneous taste.

・ spool bearing
Tournament drag bearing tune - and then tune in Ig resist type of bearing structure.
By bearing the drag ※, the initial operation is smooth, it will follow smoothly to poke of a sudden fish.
  From delicate for trout, it is a tune for a wide range of reel up for the big fish of offshore.

・ spool
· Finesse spool drag bearing tune - and a built-in bearing the spool of air spool structure.
By incorporating a bearing on the spool ※, the more to be capable of fishing in 1.0lb of the line,
  it will be more precise drag. 

・ rotor nut
Rotor nut bearing tune - and then tune to the bearing structure, which has been adopted in high-end models reel.
※ By reducing the rotation power loss from the gear to the rotor by the addition of a bearing,
  will be handling lightly smooth.