[Daiwa] 18 Zillion TW HD Handle Knob Bearing Tuning Kit (+ 2BB) (Bass Fishing Salt Water Fishing)

[Daiwa] 18 Zillion TW HD Handle Knob Bearing Tuning Kit (+ 2BB) (Bass Fishing Salt Water Fishing)

Our Selling Price: US$15.84 - US$23.98

Prices vary according to options.

Bearing type:

◆Product Concept

※ 18 Zillion TW You can add two bearings to handle knob of HD.
※ different kit price depending on the type of bearing.

High sensitivity bearing of the tournament specs for the best of the rotation performance. Carefully selected only those that have passed screened in one by one hand from among the many bearing. Rotation performance is achieved unrivaled ultimate smoothness surpass HRCB. It is tuning bearing of the best professional in the high-sensitivity reel to challenge delicate tackle.

Metal itself by a special production method is adopted the very rust resistant new technology. Premium is a salt corresponding bearing, which boasts more than 10 times of the anti-rust performance compared to (SHG). Of course smoothness of rotation is silky feeling of HEDGEHOG STUDIO unique. Rotation performance is also ideal for tough fishing that is required at a high level both durability. Salt anglers is the long-awaited next-generation anti-rust bearings.

・How to choose the bearing
SHG premium bearings in light lure of freshwater fish and high-sensitivity-oriented, such as trout bus.
The all saltwater fish in Salt General is recommended HRCB anti-rust bearings.
(SHG is also salt can be used but, HRCB if to emphasize the durability is the best.)

◆Tuning Menu And Contents

(Tuning menu)
handle knob 2BB specification tuning

(the contents of)
handle knob BB × 2 months
 (SHG-740ZZ Or HRCB-740ZHi)

※ 18 knob of Zillion TW HD but have genuine bearing that contains one on the outside, you can further replace the white color of the inner bearing. So you add one by one bearing in both knob inside of, it will be a total of two additional.

※ manual is not included.

◆Compatible Models

(1520-CC, 1520L-CC, 1520H, 1520HL, 1520SH, 1520SHL)