[MTCW] Aqueous Glass Coating - Infinity -

[MTCW] Aqueous Glass Coating - Infinity -

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■ product concept

infinity to block the dirt and small scratches and salt water.
Because it was developed to fishing only, it stuck in an aqueous!
Be coated that it is water-based, such as the reel Beth Tsukazu, you can use the Almighty, such as rod, reel, tackle BOX · cooler BOX!

Of course, such as dirt by coating that is difficult to adhere to, it wiped off and powerful block & easy to dirty sea water from adhering to tackle in such as small scratches and boat fishing.
Wipe not only, you can also wash away!

The prone to以意outside and the salt water and the boat fishing is what cooler BOX and tackle BOX.
It does not fall easily and become crisp suffer the salt.
But if coated with infinity, easily Otose, you do not have to worry about even the dirt when the load, such as in the car.

The big ones as well, is also recommended for those not good is better and the maintenance of beginners for easy coating also in the details such as a guide of the base.

・You can about 60 cars coating reel with a single 60ml.
・Since microfiber that with one you can immediately use!
・180 days will persist.