[Daiwa genuine] super finesse Lube

[Daiwa genuine] super finesse Lube

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Super finesse Lube

KTF Co. developed jointly

Contents: 15 ml

of high purity 100% bait finesse dedicated chemical synthetic oils

for frictional resistance very low viscosity and oil itself is very low, to exhibit the best of the spool response.
To form a very strong oil film while an ultra low viscosity, prevent oil-out early, contribute to the durability of the bearing.
100% synthetic oil containing no highly purified impurities, resulting in the rotation response of the highest level, particularly in a low temperature range very strongly to changes in temperature.
Due to the ultra low viscosity in the performance of the oil itself without solvent dilution, no change in viscosity due to solvent volatilization, to sustain the constantly stable performance.
※ Because you are the most importance to the rotation performance due to the ultra-low viscosity oil, it is best to get you used to spool bearings, etc. of the bait finesse dedicated reel.

Notes on the properties of super finesse Lube

the rotation performance with ultra-low-viscosity oil has been important.
Your use of the reel for heavy cast of the lure of the weights in that the response will be better
it may be difficult to cast because the timing and brake setting of the cast release changes.
Due to the characteristics of the low-resistance ultra-low viscosity oil, bearing noise in comparison with the high-viscosity oil is likely out.
Because you are thorough investigation of the ultimate performance, there is no anti-rust performance. For this reason lubrication to the reel to be used in sea water is not recommended.
Please do not absolutely use the one-way clutch (one-way bearing). It may cause the handle reversed.