[ideR Design] ideR Design Stand By Me SBM-F1

[ideR Design] ideR Design Stand By Me SBM-F1

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【ideR Design】 ideR Design Stand By Me SBM-F1

Is an adapter for the handle screw cap.
Because it is not a handle screw cap body, please note.
Handle cap parts are mostly for high-end model of the small and medium-sized reel, other models are limited choices.
General it, is available on most models by attaching it between the rich Stand By Me compatible models.
When to switch the reel body also, by newly prepared the corresponding Stand By Me, you can directly use the parts you have.
Other companies reel stand and handle screw cap will be can be attached only to the "STELLA, EXIST, etc." "thread Exposed" for the.

SBM-F1: Compatible models
Abu Garcia spinning reel
'18 Revo MGXtreme
'17 Revo ROCKET
'17 Revo MGX
'16 Revo PRM
'18 Roxani 2000SH-4000SH