[IOS Factory] SD Connect (Shimano Daiwa handle common shaft)

[IOS Factory] SD Connect (Shimano Daiwa handle common shaft)

Our Selling Price: US$21.60


The good news for users who want to use the Daiwa handle to Shimano reel!
And SD Connect, stands for attachment shaft that can be fitted with a handle of Daiwa on a reel of Shimano.
Is a small part, versatility infinite, please consider all means on this occasion.

■ Specifications

Material: Stainless

fit: Daiwa RCS handle and outside made of Daiwa fit handle

※ When installed not match the size and the body of the part handle there is a thing that would interfere with the body

■ mounting method

to-reel Shimano Daiwa procedure to attach the handle 〜

※ Daiwa to reel Shimano handle can not be mounted.

1 Screw lightly to Daiwa handle the SD shaft with your fingers. (Because the reverse screw Note)

2 further SD connect using a larger driver screwing strongly.

※ When the screwing is weak, because it may SD shaft remains in the reel body side note.

3 Please use after confirming that the handle does not interfere with the rotor and the body itself.