[Shimano genuine] 18 genuine line roller for Cardiff CI4 + C3000MHG

[Shimano genuine] 18 genuine line roller for Cardiff CI4 + C3000MHG

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■ Product Description

is a genuine line roller Shimano 18 Cardiff CI4 + for (except 1000S, the 1000SHG).
Because here the line roller will not be able to disassemble the internal bearings built-in type, you will not be able to remove only bearing.
18 Cardiff CI4 + of the case, when performing the maintenance of the line roller is the need to replace the line roller whole.

(Core protection)

using a water-repellent effect, enhanced waterproof structure.

The polka dot formation effect of the water-repellent treatment, even if minute gaps succeeded in suppressing the ingress of water.
It was now possible to solve the conflicting problem of this order to increase the waterproof effect without increasing the rotation resistance was impossible originally.
Waterproof effect will last long without having to wear for further non-contact.

■ compatible models

18 Cardiff CI4+

※ 1000S, it can not be used to 1000SHG.

■ 1000S, for 1000SHG

18 Cardiff CI4 + is different from the line roller size by count.
1000S, because there is 1000SHG specialized products, please use there.