【Haneda Craft】 Twc Express Oil

【Haneda Craft】 Twc Express Oil

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reel tune-up, original oil developed for maintenance.
2 kinds of Light type and Heavy Type.

is PTFE micro powder containing non-Newtonian system science synthetic oil.

light type will extend the distance a smooth rotation by being injected into the high-rotation bearing, such as a spool shaft, such as a bait casting reel was degreased.
The life of the bearing for remains in the long bearing for the non-Newtonian-based oil also extended.

Heavy type of gear, by injecting the parts that handle shaft bearings and other relatively force is applied, you get a smooth rotation.

Heavy type oil, so if you injected into the spool shaft bearing such as a high-rotation bearing falls flight distance, do not inject.
White precipitate in the container, please use from well stirred before PTFE is a powder the use of additives.

Avoid a sure place and 40 degrees or more to become places where sealed direct sunlight the case of storage.

The container is made of polypropylene, oil is a risk that pops out there in the addition strong force to the container while the rough handling and cap.
Please note that

you should be used when disposing and discard completely remove the cap from the used up the oil.

Non-Newtonian Sciences synthetic oils
PTFE micropowder formulation

away from flame fourth class 4 petroleum
Contents 12ml