[ABU] Carbon Star Drag For Revo 2016 Series

[ABU] Carbon Star Drag For Revo 2016 Series

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[Abu genuine] carbon star drag for Revo 2016 series

will be the genuine carbon star drag, which has been adopted in Revo LTX BF8 of the 2016 model year.

Damaged the exchange at the time had, of course, with regard to Revo 2016 model year to adopt a metal star drag is , in addition to a reduction in the weight of the 1g by changing the carbon star drag, a lacy in the design surface It gives the impression.

Compatible models: 16 Revo series LTX-BF8, Revo SLC-IB 7/8, Revo ALC-BF7, Revo ALC-IB 6/7, Revo LC6, Revo LV7, Revo LT7, Revo MGXtreme

will be sold separately. (Washers, etc. of the peripheral please use as it is genuine because it does not come with)
※ simple your attachment of only replace the genuine star drag.

Specifications : Weight about 4g ※ Revo LT7 genuine star drag about 5g

color : Skirts site is black base, silver line color scheme of the round in the vicinity of the base. In white color is in the upper part 8.0: 1GEAR RATIO of the print has been made.