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Handle Type:

* Please note that it takes about 3 to 4 days for us to get ready to send LIVRE handles since it's back-ordered after receiving your order.





- The new history, birth of super long double handle
From the length of 120mm, which is the longest in the bait double handle of LIVRE, overwhelming torque is produced than ever before.
That receive the torque, newly developed EF30 knob and redesigned tough plate.
The center lock system for fixing exactly central portion of the handle.
Handle that was the evolution to true value.

- With thin-walled hollow titanium knob EF30
A completely new type of thin hollow titanium knob that fits to the hand is the characteristic of the EP knob with an easy grip hemispherical shape, and round smooth line shaped pentagon is the feature of ff knob. By turning the maximum diameter to 30mm, the catch part of the pentagon is stronger and hard to miss.
In addition, upperhemisphere material is t0.6mm to make the weight 14.4g, 1.1g lighter than ff knob.

- Center lock without blur
To attach to the reel, a center lock method which eliminates the loosening plate and the small screw is adopted. Shaving out the center of the screw with the lathe (NC) accurately, the nut is the center of the plate in the O-ring, so that it's easy to attach to the center of the handle for anyone. With this method, it became possible to wind up the long handle without feeling any blur.

- A quick-change system compatible with a wide variety of reels
With the purchase a center nut sold separately, the industry's first quick-change system can be mounted on reels made by Shimano, Daiwa, AbuGarcia, and Pflueger. Reels by various different manufacturers can be mounted just by replacing the included hex washer on the main plate.