[MTCW] TD System Drag Knob

[MTCW] TD System Drag Knob

Our Selling Price: US$176.00


■ Characteristics

1. drag Click 120% up width

by which it was up 120%, can now be severe drag settings required for the light game.

2. industry lightest was realized made of duralumin

by cutting a metal material, it succeeded in finishing lighter than those made of genuine manufacturer plastic.
We realize the industry's lightest weight of 6g or less.

3. One-touch power change system

by exchanging with one touch the inside of the spring, equipped with a new system that allows the change of the drag power.

4. prevention also caught by a thin line

we have to arch-shaped design in order to prevent snagging of the knob or the like of the Doragunobu of light game-specific thin line.

5. drag adjustment range up

to the genuine 1Click, I gained some adjustment width was changed to Click the amount of approximately 4 times.

6. certain of the drag adjustment power

adjustment such as Click amount, by the UP the width of the Click the amount of 120%, you can take a constant drag adjustment range.

The newly developed TD system, the world changed completely of light game!
New light game will deliver never experienced until now.

■ compatible models

almost all models (TD-01LS) of Shimano 08-10 years
Shimano 14 Stella dedicated (TD-02LS)
Shimano 16-18 years model (TD-03LS)
- Daiwa almost all of the models (TD- 30LD) 
Daiwa 18 Igujisuto only (TD-31LD)

■ color

· TD-01LS titanium blue: Titanium Gold
· TD-02LS Gun Metal: Titanium Gold
· TD-03LS Gun Metal: Threat gray
· TD-03LS titanium blue: Titanium Gold
· TD-30LD Threat gray: titanium blue
· TD-31LD Gun Metal: titanium Blue
· TD-31LD titanium blue: Titanium Gold

· LS: light game for Shimano
· LD: light game for Daiwa

■ body specs

body TD system: duralumin
spring: strength × 1 a little less than × 1
made In Japan

■ Compatibility Chart