[DAIWA] NEO Reel Cover A

[DAIWA] NEO Reel Cover A

Our Selling Price: US$18.15 - US$31.90

Prices vary according to options.


◆ Neo reel cover (A)

CV type

CV-LL typ

SP type

SP-H type

│chloroprene made reel bag protect your valuable reels from scratches and damage

· 5mm protection to reel in wall thickness chloroprene material
·attached to the rod was also used to reel possible
· SP-H type (left photo) with a handle capable of accommodating pocket of a spinning reel
·color: black

│ corresponding reel size

No. Reel type Daiwa size Corresponding reel example
CV-S Bait
both axes
Beit both axes reel
CV-M 200〜400
Both axis reel, reel counter other
offshore both axis reel
CV-L 20〜60 Offshore both axis reel
both axis reel for parrot fish
CV-M electric 150〜200 Small electric reel
CV-L 300〜500(750) Medium-sized electric reel
CV-LL 750〜1200 Large electric reel
(※ except marine power)
SP-S/SH Spinning Conventional
Small spinning
lever brake
SP-M/MH Conventional
Medium-sized spinning
SP-L/LH Conventional
(LT6000〜 )
Offshore large spinning
large Iso throwing reel

※ fit size Please as a guide only.
Since there is a case that does not enter depending on the shape of the reel, please check at the time of purchase.

│ Neo reel cover (A)

No. External dimensions
CV-S About12 × 26
CV-M About13 × 32
CV-L About19 × 38
CV-LL About21 × 50
SP-S About17 × 25
SP-M About19 × 27
SP-L About23 × 34
SP-SH About17 × 28
SP-MH About19 × 32
SP-LH About23 × 34

※ size display is "horizontal × vertical". (Vertical is the size of the state you open the lid.)
※ Description of the accessories are all sold separately.
※Material : chloroprene rubber