[DAIWA] HD Reel Cover (A)

[DAIWA] HD Reel Cover (A)

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◆ HD reel cover (A)


SP-S(SP-M also similar shape)


strong in │ shock "hard shell structure"

reel cover of soften the impact from-outside "hard shell structure"
- the interior cushioning material used to prevent the scratching of the reel
open pocket can, of "Removing type handle" and small parts storage
with a convenient handle to-carry (SP-L size only)

│ detailed specification

, "hard shell reel cover of the structure "

soften the impact from the outside, to protect the precious reel.

Open pocket

pocket is removed, if necessary, the mounting direction of possible changes to the body inside.

│HD reel cover (A)

Part No Color Body Dimensions (cm) Corresponding reel guide ※ Note
reel type
Reel size
CV-S black About15×12×8 Bait 1000〜1500
SP-S black About14×14×10 Spinning Conventional 1000 〜 3000
(LT1000 〜 LT4000)
SP-M black About16×16×10 Conventional 3000 〜 4000
(LT3000 〜 LT6000)
SP-L black About20×20×12 Conventional 4500 〜 6000
(LT5000 〜 )
throw for 35・45

※ size display is "length × width × height".
※ accessories for the description are all sold separately.
※ Material:! ABS
※ Note: corresponding size is an estimate.
It may not be stored by the shape of the reel.
Please check at the time of purchase.。