[Daiwa genuine] SLP WORKS Spool BB Remover II

[Daiwa genuine] SLP WORKS Spool BB Remover II

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◆ Product Name: SLPW spool BB remover II product code: 00083106

except for a part of the reel, the spool of bait reel has a built-in ball bearings.
However, since the ball bearing itself is a consumable item, you want to exchange your own! Also Irasshaimasu such.

However, in order to replace the ball bearings, you need a dedicated tool for attaching and detaching the "pin" which is press-fitted into the spool.

Moreover, failure = become spool damage and slightly higher risk of work, it can be thought of as a little hard to areas out of hand.

However, it offers a tool that makes it possible is peace of mind in the SLP WORKS · reliable work.

It is, this "spool BB Remover 2".

Actually's a special tool itself that is used regularly in the after-sales service department.

So to speak "for business".

A special tool with a performance that specializes in work efficiency and reliability, is the necessities of the spool BB tune.

※ Excerpt from 2018 SLP WORKS catalog