[Y'Z CRAFT] YTF-014 Handle Conversion Kit

[Y'Z CRAFT] YTF-014 Handle Conversion Kit

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YTF-014 Handle Conversion Kit

By using this product, genuine DAIWA and ABU handles and other M8 handles can be attached to SHIMANO M7 reels.
* Excludes genuine handles with special shapes such as the Revo Big Shooter WM series.

By changing the number of 0,5 mm thick adapters, it is possible to support various handle plate thicknesses up to 4.0mm.

- Instructions
Please stack 0.5mm adapters according to the thickness of the handle you have.
(Example) When attached to a 3.0mm thick handle plate, use 6 0.5mm adapters (0.5mm x 6 = 3.0mm).