[Alpha tackle]Aluminum Crank Arm For Abu Daiwa

[Alpha tackle]Aluminum Crank Arm For Abu Daiwa

Our Selling Price: US$19.80 - US$26.40

Prices vary according to options.


Not available

Aluminum crank arm

1. The handle length is 85mm and 100mm of 2 size
2. handle body is aluminum crank type
3. handle knob is round and flat of two types
4. ball bearing none of the four built-in handle knob


any It will also be in for Abu Daiwa.

121AD handle length 85mm round knob weight 30G
122AD handle length 85mm flat knob weight 30G

221AD handle length 100mm round knob weight 38G
222AD handle length 100mm flat knob weight 37g

121AD 85mm round type knob

222AD 100mm flat type knob