[Haneda Craft] High Speed Gear Kit for TWC Ambassadeur 5001C

[Haneda Craft] High Speed Gear Kit for TWC Ambassadeur 5001C

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High Speed Gear Kit for Old AbuGarcia 5001C

This is for the ABU5001C (left-handed) model produced from about 1970 - the late 1970s.
The genuine 3.6:1 gear ratio is replaced with this speed gear, which gives a higher gear ratio of 4.7:1.
In addition, the included drag washer has a larger ground contact area, resulting in more power in drag capability than the genuine drag.

Set Contents

Main gear x 1
Pinion gear x 1
Drag washers (inside × bottom) × 1 each

*Since this is an old reel, some abnormal noise may occur before the gears are adjusted due to distortion of the frame and spool, differences in parts due to the year of manufacture, etc.

Compatible Models

The 5001C released in the early 1970s to late 1970s with the flat spool shaft base on the left side of the image is compatible with this model.
It does not fit the spool part with a round spool part, as shown on the right side of the image.