[Haneda craft] Haneda Craft Express Grease

[Haneda craft] Haneda Craft Express Grease

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Haneda Craft Express Grease (Giyagurisu)

· 100% because it is made of chemical synthetic components, oxidation little
plastic resin, such as rubber, it can also be used for things other than metal products
for-Fluor HP formulation quickly material itself quickly familiar in excellent coating property there.
Water resistance, and excellent salt tolerance.
- is available in a wide range temperature range from -40 degrees to + 200 degrees

the occasion of reel maintenance, please use the Haneda Craft Express Grease from completely off the old grease.
If you use the Express Grease in no circumstances fell completely the old grease, please note that there is a case where the original effect not obtained.
Haneda Craft Express Grease is used to bait reel spool bearing of casting important, please avoid. There are cases where flight distance fall significantly.
The spool bearings, please use the TWC-Express oil.