[Haneda craft] Haneda Craft Express Grease

[Haneda craft] Haneda Craft Express Grease

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Haneda Craft Express Grease (Gear Grease)

- Almost no oxidation due to 100% chemically synthesized ingredients.
- Can be used for plastic resin, rubber, and other non-metal products
- Fluor HP blend provides excellent coatability, quickly blending into the material itself.
- Excellent water and salt resistance.
- Can be used in a wide range of temperatures from -40°C to +200°C


When maintaining reels, remove old grease completely before using Haneda Craft Express Grease.
Please note that if Express Grease is used when the old grease has not been completely removed, the original effect may not be obtained.
Haneda Craft Express Grease should not be used on spool bearings of casting-oriented bait reels.
Distance may be significantly reduced.
Use TWC-Express oil for spool bearings.